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So the Meissen figurine I blogged about a few days ago is proving problematic. I listed it badly and almost took it down to relist it better, but I needed the cash quickly and the minimum was bid by this guy so I went through with the sale and thought I’d take the hit of it not selling as well as it might. After all, I’d put “damaged” in the actual title. The guy that first showed interest ended up winning it for cheap, although there were other bids. I had placed my minimum well. I’m getting better at this.

He had messaged me after I listed it asking if he could make an offer before bidding started, like all the dealers do. Even with offers switched off they circle like sharks. I refused his offer saying I was happy to let it go to term. He immediately bid the minimum, and set his ceiling high enough that the other dealers were outbid. So he wanted it. No buyers found the listing. It was badly titled so it was just resellers like him. I knew I had listed it badly. But so did he. In my world it was a market test : is eBay right for figurines? My mum collected them as did the mum of the guy whose storage I recently finished emptying, as did my dad. I have many of them, from many sources. I’ll hopefully list some more figurines on Sunday. But I cannot and will not go over them with a microscope searching for every tiny little flaw. In his world lack of knowledge equals permission to exploit superior knowledge. He’s gaming this transaction. He found some small flaws in places where they wouldn’t be visible if on display, and hence which I’d missed in my photos. Why he even thinks it’s a good idea to restore it is a mystery to me. It’s beautiful flawed, and tells more of a story. I actively want him to send it back to me. I want him to initiate a return. He hasn’t though. Why? Because he wants to keep it!

He’s just moaning. He wants some money back and to keep it. He doesn’t really think of me as being any more fleshy than the well priced figurine he bought off me. He’s got it for cheap and he’s seeing if he can get more.

I remember packaging it with a shrug. “Good on yer,” I thought. “I hope you turn a nice profit mate. I’ve learnt something about listing these things.” That’s what I sent him as I posted it. Unlike today when I tried to psychically send him norivirus.

Because he was the first and the last bidder he now is behaving like he was the only bidder and he feels entitled to try for more money from the guy that knows less than him. He wants me to help him towards his restoration costs – as if that’s a thing. The figure has damage, commensurate with age. I’ve made it perfectly clear it’s damaged. I’ve put it IN THE TITLE of the listing.

Restoration. He’s taken it to a restoration place and they’ve quoted him more than he expected so he’s turning it on me. He’s probably taken it to an official Meissen outlet and been shocked by their quote. No surprises there – they’ll eat you. I don’t understand why people want to try to erase the history of an item in that way, and he’s overlooking the fact that if that was a cost-effective solution I’d have already flown by EasyJet to Germany with all the pieces and thrown my money at them to turn magical porcelain into gold. Idiot. Damage is personality, or so I keep telling myself about myself. He evidently lacks both. I’ll have to wait a month to see where this lands but XXX: you’re being an asshole.

I did lots of other things today. But they say that “One bad apple spoils the barrel”.

PS “Are you not worried he’ll find this?” No. If he does then he’ll probably object, as I’ve assumed his motives and it’s very easy in the light of those assumptions to pretend you had other motives. And I’m not always right about why people behave weirdly. I’ve been hauled out before for getting it wrong when its been important to me – not necessarily always when I’ve been wrong, I forget that some people are just basic assholes. I don’t like to believe it to be the case so I ascribe all sorts of obscure guessed at motivations to their collateral causing negative behaviours.

I dunno. Let’s ask the figurine?

20190518_011412Yes, figurine. But who are you referring to? The writer of this blog? Or the guy in Germany?

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

3 thoughts on “eBay fun guy”

  1. Thank you for an informative article. I never used Ebay but I used to have a lot of collectibles including figurines. Going to thrift stores was my hobby. I’m surprised there is much of a market for most collectibles because there are so many of them and also because people have so much stuff already nowadays.


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