Stripped mannequins

I took my exercise today in the form of a good long brisk walk through the streets of Chelsea and Kensington. The parks are ramjammed so the streets are more predictably peaceful. Shops are stripped right back, perhaps through fear of looting. This Cashmere shop has even stripped the mannequins. I’m surprised the proprietor was worried about Cashmere looters. Maybe it’s something more pragmatic like clothes moths. I guess if the shop is unattended for a while some nasties could get in and eat the cashmere. Better to strip the mannequins.


There are still lots of people out and about in daytime, wearing masks and veering away from one another. We have the sunshine today. Nobody wants to be stuck indoors.

There are things to do indoors though.  People are still finding lovely things to say about our live online Tempest, which is reassuring. Connecting with the connection, enjoying the anarchy. One more week for sure and then who knows?

Drunk Al bought a beanbag the same colour as the wall behind him. It arrived today. I can sit cross legged on it and look like I’m levitating. I imagine I’ll find a use for it and even if I don’t it’ll be useful in the show as I’ve been mostly squatting to be at the right angle. As soon as the spotlight is off me in the show, my expression turns from whatever the scene needs to discomfort as I stretch out my poor legs and ease my back. Now I have a magic invisible beanbag. Good work, drunk Al. Now that Pickle has vanished from my existence it’s safe to have a beanbag and know there won’t be cat-wee on it. We take what good we can from sad circumstances.

I’ve been wondering where the hell my iPad mic went and turned the flat upside down looking. I’ve just worked it out. It’s in Hampstead at Mel’s, the owner of the snake. I might have to get a zipcar across London and pick it up as I’ve been asked to record an award ceremony and would sooner turn in a good product. It’ll be the third year this particular industry has used me as their toastmaster, and despite the fact that it’s online I figure I’ll be wise to turn in a professional product so next year they’ll ring me again. That’s how it works. Seems I’ll get use from this light rig for something other than The Tempest already. I’m glad I bought it. I’ve ordered some backdrops as well so I don’t have to just use the teal wall. Maybe I should get a good camera as well. That’s the logical next step.

This bastard disease is proving to be a catalyst in teaching me how to use various bits of hardware and software. If it changes the landscape I’ll at least have been changing with it. I’ve still got huge amounts to learn in terms of lighting etc, but at least it gives me things to think about beyond worrying…

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