Let’s Twist Again

Copyright. Of course. We were playing tracks during the show, over the curtain call and in the wedding scene. “I think I can just contact the artists,” says one of the actors. “We can get permission.” “It doesn’t work like that. The producers own the work, not the artists. You can pay the artists, but you need to pay the producers too. And you pay them more than the people who made the work.”

Of course. The music industry. It reminds me of the documentary “Searching for Sugarman,” which if you haven’t seen it will be a worthwhile couple of hours. Bunch of cunts.

How to get round it?

Well, thankfully the director of the company’s husband is a musician. This is his isolation song. Everyone’s got one so sing along.

This morning I woke up, zoomed in, and screamsang in my morning voice, despite it being about 2pm. It was a Chubby Checker song. Chubby’s a tenor. I’m a profundo.

I tried to transpose it down an octave. “It sounds like Pavarotti” says the director. So it’s screaming they need. Fine. Screaming can be musical art too. Drama school teaches vocal care. But there’s a huge amount of traction in vocal damage, as well I know. I was soprano in The Messiah for a school tour when my voice broke. I went from top top to bottom bottom and it took me this long to understand the new thing that adulthood had given me in light of the thing that had been lost.

Profundo is very useful in group singing, to provide the “tench” – (the fish that is at the very very bottom”. But solo singing rarely looks towards those notes. There’s not much written for me that isn’t by Tom Waits. Male showtunes are mostly Tenor. I still have Old Man River as an audition song although politically it’s not the smartest if the company doesn’t already know me personally. Anyone with better suggestions, hit me up.

As for the work Stu and I did : well, he got me howling into mic and he’s cut it into the curtain call music somehow. As for the live bit, well that’s out of my control. Literally. But at least he’s made my morning voice sound boss on the recording.

Claire came and saw it tonight with her sister Helen and Hattie the dog. Also Katherine from my local Buddhist chapter. Yesterday my cousin outlaw Charlotte came. Almost every show there’s been somebody who I’ve been thrilled to see. Friends from long ago and not so long.

Two days off, but apparently not. I’m about to get a load of camera equipment, lights and tripods couriered to me. I’m going to have to record an annual award ceremony as toastmaster. It’ll be the third in a row for this client. But fuck knows how it’ll pan out. I think it should just be done live on Zoom. But it seems they want me to record the content for broadcast, and they’re gonna send me the kit to get it done properly.

Thankfully Jon is doing the negotiating. I’m just the talent. Let’s see where that one goes…

Here’s me mid show. Hex was more mischievous and affectionate than usual. He wouldn’t leave my neck. So I let him stay there as I sorted out props. You can see the studio type thing behind me…


“Let’s Twist Again! Like we did last summer. Let’s Twist again! Like we did last year! Do you remember when things were really humming? Let’s Twist again. Twisting time is near.”


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