Bath. I need a bath.

The plug in the bath in my digs doesn’t work. You know how I like a bath.

I finally reached breaking point this evening after days of showers. I’ve improvised something using a bowl and vacuum. It seems to be working, and I’ve got my leg on it for surety as it fills. I finished at a reasonable time today so I’m bloody well going to immerse myself in water and write this while I do it, so I can get an early bed fully washed and warm and well.

It wasn’t a punishing day today even if the turnaround was tight. Glasgow and back, Edinburgh and back. My evening pick-up ended up picking up a pick-up truck. So it’s me and this bowl in the bath. The biggest thing I had to contend with before trying to immerse myself in water was Edinburgh airport, which charges you nine pounds for the privilege of touching it, and which was laid out by a classroom of twelve year olds on an acid trip.

I’m off to Carlisle again tomorrow. At some point I’ll be able to plug into Global Crew, the boys who work on site, and do some honest labour. But best use of me at the moment is taking pressure off Silvia who is swamped with transport issues. I’m at home in that work so it’s all good. It’s antisocial, but I’m not here to make friends. I’m just a cog in an extremely complicated wheel.

It’s getting active and busy on site. I only spin through occasionally so I get to see how it has changed. All the rope and post is up, things are looking organised and shipshape. Everywhere you go there’s an Odyssey being cleaned or tuned or driven. Lots of busy competitive and hardworking people all focusing on a speciality and doing their best at it. The audience and the reach is growing, as well it should. I feel that being in Scotland will help too. A lot of Americans claim ancestry here. My grandpa was building relationships over there as he smuggled whisky in. Scotland the brave. Even Trump is doing his bit with all the golf courses. With luck we will get greater numbers, greater reach, a better chance to have this right-headed offering in the racing world seen by the numbers it deserves. The racing is excellent as well, and this venue offers fascinating green vistas, a great legacy and the sense of progress as we bring an environmental race to an old open cast mine.

My ingeniously plugged up bath is ready for me to wallow in it. So, wallow I shall. And then sweet sweet sleeeep.

Author: albarclay

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