Car swapping

An interesting day of cars and pickups.

Turns out one of the execs had been given an A-class merc and he wanted a bigger car. As it happened, I was dropping a lass off at Enterprise Ayr, so the car change fell on me. I had to leave my Suzuki and get into an Audi Q3. Big new thing, all dressed in black. Lots of boot. All sorts of electrics. I wasn’t gonna connect my phone through it though so I took it down the winding roads from memory and ended up at catering on site. A smooth drive, with potential for some grunt. I was enjoying the fact that the radio worked.

It’s a rare treat for me to coincide with lunch on site, and the catering is excellent this race. I emptied the adblue, tape and silicon filler that I had brought up for Dougie. Then I loaded up with sundried tomato and olive gnocchi and waited until one of the PAs appeared with the Mercedes. She appeared almost immediately. Mid lunch we swapped vehicle contents and keys. I finished my gnocchi and had a cake and then realised as I was filling my only coffee of the day that I had to get back to Ayr post haste for a shuttle run.

I’ve driven an A-class before under different circumstances. They go like the clappers but you can’t see out the back and you feel like you’re scraping your bum down the tarmac. I thrashed the thing back to Enterprise through country roads suddenly filled with slow moving lorries. I would never have one of the things, but overtaking is a dream in them. I got back to Enterprise before I started, and feeling slightly shell-shocked I grabbed my passenger and shot to Glasgow, then Edinburgh and back up with a lovely scientist.

It isn’t gonna get any less busy. Every time I think I might have a stop my phone buzzes. I’m happy like that. And I’m seeing and feeling this part of the world out the windows. My father’s home. Big stone buildings and rain. Sweeping vistas and grey clouds. Sparkling eyes and gangly limbs. Musicality and easy small talk.

I currently only know my next day the night before. Earlier start tomorrow, but not such a late finish. I’m happy to be earning my keep on this team once more. The team feels streamlined and tight, and this season looks strong. Sardinia next, once more. Then more remote again, and I take my hat off to them all for what they are trying to make, what they are trying to do. There’ve been some brilliant and deep car conversations about legacy and science and the next steps. I’m proud to be doing my bit.

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