Dark evening

Another evening falls at this stark time of year. I look in my diary and it is a blank for a week. Time to move things from the flat. Time to see people. Time to try and catch the morning light. But it’s not easy to motivate when the darkness falls so early. Still, there is much to do.

I went on the roof today in a hopeful attempt to see if I could source this new leak. It is faster now and every time I look at the ceiling I think about how many layers it took to cover the stains the first time. Painting the ceiling is never fun. It’ll have to happen again though.

My blunder onto the roof yielded nothing but speculation as how could it do anything else. Apparently they’ll put scaffolding up again and surely this time I’ll finally have a watertight home. Fingers crossed, I say. I let a neighbour in this evening which at least shows that it’s tidier than it was. Still a way to go before it’s optimal but there are fewer piles of random guff.

He’s a good lad, this neighbour. Lives downstairs in the flat with a balcony. Family is textiles in Lancashire which might explain the Chelsea address but he’s chasing the acting, which is how I’ve come across him. He’s a quickshot with a business card. His name. Actor. His headshot is on it… He gave one to Tom who is on the sofa, and a little bit of me felt icky but then I knew for certain that if he hadn’t given me one however long ago, I wouldn’t have texted him 5 months later and said “Hey it’s your neighbour Al. Fancy that pint?”

Maybe it’s time to set up the shop front a bit better. This blog is haphazard, and I like the haphazard and I doubt that’ll change, but perhaps some more shiny looking content for the humans that like shiny things… perhaps that’s in order. Internet things. Even just updating my spotlight and looking on one of those silly sites for… I dunno paid short films or other things to spice up the gaps… Or… there’s enough to do at home. There’s so much. I want to carry lots of boxes out this weekend. I WILL carry lots of boxes out. All will be well…

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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