Sauna on the beach

“I’m the inferno wellness warrior!”

Lou and I are on the beach in the morning, just down the stairs from her flat. But it’s a very special section of the pebbled beach. It’s sectioned off, and the aforementioned warrior and her other tribespeople have converted three horseboxes into saunas. There’s a bathtub full of cold water and a half height plunge pool too, and some simple freshwater showers. Then there’s a firepit and some comfy loungers.

It was hot this morning, and we knew it was going to be hot. But I’m fine with hot. “Your sauna is 110 degrees,” I was told, which means about 43 degrees. It’s going to be mid thirties just ambient temperature every day in Sardinia, and I’m gonna be working on a beach. “This will help me acclimatise,” I find myself thinking. Frankly, the acclimatising to temperature won’t be the issue in Sardinia. It’ll be flipping my head back to driving on the right. But after Saudi, even dealing with Italian drivers again should be a walk in the park. It’s just a slightly different application of testosterone.

The saunas were magnificent. I had such a good time sweating. We opened the door and let it drop to closer to Sardinia temperature. I might have been ok with keeping it up at 110 but three people make a committee and there was only one masochist.

It was the night after an event there, and there was just a tiny bit of wood still smouldering in the fire pit, making it smell great. The horse boxes were very well appointed – very well dressed up – very clean. They’ve just started doing 45 minute shared sessions. It’s a good business move. We’ve been aware of them for ages but the options were either PARTY or leave before you’ve arrived (10 minutes). This felt like the perfect amount of time, and when they had to call time on us, they gave us oranges! Lovely touch. I’m gonna add them to my growing Brighton recommendation list. Beach Box Sauna. The inferno wellness warrior. Perfect place to visit after you’ve been to another little box in Brighton to have a decent tarot reading. As with Ivor, so with Beach Box: Tell them “Al Barclay sent me” and they’ll look at you blankly and charge exactly the same as you’d pay if you hadn’t said anything. Maybe more. Don’t say I never done nuffing for ya.

Post sauna I had to tangle around with getting Bergman back, but it turns out he sailed through his MOT and I found out in time to stop the service from happening so it’s a win. Saved a few hundred. I’ll just have to top up the oil and wiper fluid myself rather than pay some huge garage chain a milliontyfive pounds to do it.

Now I’m back in London. Off to White City in the morning to meet some humans I’ll be working with shortly. It’s a busy time coming up despite the fact it’ll continue to be varied. I’ll likely not be able to blog the White City job with specifics – I can feel another NDA looming. But I’ll need to sleep now. I have to bring costume options tomorrow morning and I like to be thorough. And it’s warm.

It’s gonna be a hot month coming. I’m looking forward to it. All sorts of madness. Starting with a sleep.

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