Nuneaton premier Inn

I stopped halfway to Nuneaton to get a bite to eat. Appropriately enough for the destination I hadn’t eaten. #HereAllNight

I was a good hour out of London, just me and Bergman, my USB stick and clicker for tomorrow and a few clothes in a bag. It was spitting with rain, miserable, dark. Bergman needs a wash, but this rain is mostly filthy.

I get out of the car and pat my pockets down. Fuck. How did I get that far without noticing I had no debit cards with me? No cash. No means to get cash. The thing I thought was a card in my pocket was an old hotel keycard I had forgotten to return. Oops.

I had enough fuel to return home, but at the rate it’s selling for I didn’t want to burn it and drive an unnecessary few extra hours. So I turned to my phone.

It’s new and I’m funny about security. I haven’t set up Samsung pay as it keeps asking for my fingerprints and facial scan and things like that and I’m generally pretty uncomfortable about the extent to which we donate our entire existence to tech companies so they can sell it to advertisers. I’ve got nothing to hide but I want to hide it anyway and I will fight for the right to hide it. Still, today I found a use for the Samsung pay, and I gave my pound of flesh in exchange for convenience, as we all eventually do. Half an hour of swearing in my car, and I’ve avoided the fingerprint thing but there’s an app on my phone now that doubles as one of the cards I left at home. It works. And it probably knows everything about me. Did I read the terms and conditions? Does anybody ever?

I won’t need to buy much before I’m home but I wanted the option. Perhaps some fuel. Maybe a spot of food. Lunch? I’m in another Premier Inn now, so breakfast and coffee is laid on. I’ve cranked up the heating, washed thoroughly and I’m now regretting forgetting all my books. Likely an early bed will be the least depressing option. Then home again and back into the bewildering mix of things to do and think about. My agent rang with good news today so at least there’s a spot of filming on the horizon. It won’t stop me doing all the random dayjobs as always. Tomorrow I think it’s batteries again, or it might be electric cars. Either way I’ll be pretending to be an engineer. Because engineering is FUN! I don’t start until half ten so I’m gonna just wake up tomorrow and think about it then.

Nuneaton. There’s not much here I don’t think. It’s easier to London than I thought though. I probably could have driven up tomorrow morning but I just didn’t like the idea of fighting through rush hour. Better another faceless night in a Premier Inn, another inedible breakfast. I’m sleepy though and these suburban rural places have the advantage of being quiet. Time for another crazy-dream night.

Author: albarclay

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