Mini rant about leaders etc

Good lord. It seems I’m constantly knackered when I finally get down to writing these at the moment. I have this complicated relationship with my work ethic where I think of it as a wasted day if I let it go by negatively. Dad was only with me at the start of my adulthood. He imposed the idea of negative and positive days. Days where the income doesn’t beat the expenditure – they’re negative and to be avoided. I spend my life avoiding them. But it’s getting harder. We have to earn more to stand still.

We are governed by talking grapes. We are governed by little scraps of horseshit stuck on the side of your boot. We are governed by rocks. We are governed by venal self serving narrow minded fuckwits.

Our home secretary hates everybody. Our culture secretary probably thought she was dealing with bacteria when she accepted, and would certainly be better placed if she was. Our chancellor has no ethics and is so rich it would be impossible for him to even pretend to have perspective. Our prime minister is tightly evasive little bully. But… I can write this, and there isn’t even the possibility that I’ll go to prison for it. This freedom of speech is anathema to the likes of Tsar Vladimir. He has been autocratic for so long now, and he has been firing resources to try and use our freedom of speech against us – to try to undermine our confidence in our own freedom. Yeah he’s helped mislead people in elections, I’m sure there’s Russian money behind some of the absolute poppycock that is now emerging from the well meaning hearts of some of my “wellness” friends who have been YouTube radicalised. We have been sleepwalking through an information war for years that has, at its centre, Vlad the little rat-faced bully. This little Tsar, carrying his huge ego and his world beating nuclear arsenal – and don’t forget that missiles have an expiry date. Warheads made in the seventies – they’re going to have to be remade at vast expense or … Maybe just used. And we want to call him a war criminal because he’s committed so many war crimes. But he doesn’t recognise our structures and never will. For him to admit he’s a criminal would be for him to accept our morality. Even though it is his orders that have led to this well documented rape and large scale murder, I can’t see any way to end it because as far as he is concerned he will take advantage of the idea of “innocent until proven guilty”. He thinks that the freedom we have to say that Boris is a feckless liar makes us weak. He wants us to look bad, because nobody in Russia can say that Putin is a nasty little homicidal rat who is killing the children of his own people to serve some lost ideal of a soviet past that nobody wants back again but him anyway.

So I’m just immersing myself in work. Got a spot of theatre, a spot of filming, this and that keeping myself ticking over. I can’t think too much about leaders because everywhere I turn I see nasty little creeps. How have we come to this? Where are the statesmen? Even the strong and eloquent leaders with ethics are being deconstructed by radicalised morons on YouTube – and those voices, even less clever than the leaders themselves – they have way too much traction. We are slipping. Slipping. We are just getting stupider and stupider, and losing the ability to judge for ourselves. I AM TELLING YOU TO JUDGE FOR YOURSELF! DO AS I SAY.


Maybe if I was wearing fashionable clothes and doing this by video.

It probably doesn’t help that I watched dumb old Travis Bickle stumble his way through life in Taxi Driver. It’s still a wonderfully made movie but he’s a depressing little prat.

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