Another lockdown…

Oh well how lovely. I just tuned in to the news and it seems that we all get another opportunity to guiltlessly hibernate. I still have lots to do in order to make my home glorious and this looks like the perfect opportunity. Clean up my launch pad so I can catapult myself into the stratosphere at the first opportunity. Anybody that usually suffers from fear of missing out will be in heaven at the moment when there’s literally nothing to miss out on.

Last time Captain Twit announced a full lockdown it wasn’t this cold. Everybody was going into the parks for “exercise” and sweating into each other’s beer. Now it’s freezing. People will still be squeezing all the avocados in the supermarket but the Battersea Park won’t feel like Stamford Bridge.

Mostly staying home at this time of year can’t be bad so long as the boiler’s working – and mine is. How many times have we looked out the window at the sleet with that neutral resolute dread that prefigures pushing out the door – even working long long hours outside for me in sleet – especially when I was on the boats. I’d come home almost hypothermic from winter shifts and lie in the bath for hours. Now there’ll be no winter shifts. I’ll still lie in the bath for hours.

I’m here on my own by the river. Kitcat my erstwhile flatmate lives in Scotland now so she won’t show up suddenly and annoy the bejesus out of me by asking millions of questions and not listening to the answers. It’ll just be me and silent Hex and the fishies and tons of random objects, beds, books and pictures. I might get to see Lou from time to time because of bubbles. That’ll be nice. But I get the feeling that from Wednesday we’ll have to explain journeys if we take them at all.

The road behind me is already easing back. It’s five to midnight. I just timed a full minute and counted four cars and a motorbike going down one of the major through roads in London. That’s nothing compared to a normal night. Of course in April I could have had a picnic on the white lines. But in a normal April I would’ve been a picnic within seconds if I’d sat there.

Lockdown isn’t official until Wednesday. Then we dive deep for over a month. No point getting foul about it. We can still go out, so long as we aren’t idiots. Exercise. Mental health. Work. That’s pretty broad. I had some extremely long walks in the summer. Looks like I’ll be pounding the streets again. Maybe I’ll shift myself back up to Hampstead. More likely I’ll finish what I’ve started here. I’m going to think of it as a gift. I know for certain that any opportunity to do anything other than this flat and I’m all over it. So this enforced hibernation is a good thing. I’ve got movies to catch up on, walls to paint and books to read. Bring it.

Chippy the weather loach. He’s still my favourite. Apart from Hex

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