Back into the antiques roadshow

My quiet day at home didn’t work out. Construction work has started on the build for Brian’s Doctor Who show, and I’ve got a load of very heavy plates in his venue up against a wall that is going to be demolished during lockdown. An hour after the call I was in his warehouse surrounded by plates and empty boxes, on a video call to a bloke in the North if England. Half of the plates were destroyed when somebody stepped on a box in the warehouse, so I’m not tangled up about the value anymore. I can’t store them safely so best not to store them at all. Some of them I’ve earmarked for future Christmas Carol type shows once we can get strangers to serve food to each other again. I’ve left them against the threatened wall until I can get boxes to put them in. Most of them are now in the back of the Nissan. Seems it’ll have one last gasp. Tomorrow is the last day I can take them up to Tennant’s. Better by far to take them to Yorkshire than to carry them up the stairs and into my crowded flat.

Sorting them was an absolute headfuck. There was a Polish man literally screaming into his mobile phone for an entire hour just to my left. To my right, through the wall, almost continuous drilling. I cut my finger on one of the fucked plates. Loads of them are now baptised in my blood as it was a pretty persistent flow. In terms of infection control it’s not ideal to liberally spread blood on things you want to sell. Hand gel hurts now. But it’s done. They are sorted and many of them are in my car with a broken window overnight, and hopefully will still be there in the morning. I’m going to load up the rest with unwanted glassware and pictures and so forth. I’m gearing up for a long drive tomorrow.

It’s late now too. Max stays up later than me and we went through another box of things from the grandparents forensically, which I wasn’t expecting but it was a good idea. The curator in Max came to the fore and we found ourselves in a production line. I was sorting and categorising, he was documenting and rejecting some of my sorts as illogical and sending them back round. Eventually I got them all past him and he took exhaustive photographs and made an Excel sheet. There’s some interesting stuff there. Nice to go through it so thoroughly. 20 American Dollars in a coin from 1906! If there’s still an America tomorrow, I’m sure somebody will be interested.

Last time there was an election over there I stayed up and watched the result. We all know how that went. This time I’m going to sleep and see what sort of world I wake up in…

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