As I write I’m lying under a newly wired up, cleaned and reconstructed chandelier.

I’ve got pretty good at it now, the basics of wiring. Confidence comes through experience and practice. There’s still no way I’m taking apart a junction box or wiring a thermostat like Tristan did, but one thing at a time. The flat will be in this transitional stage for some time yet, but every day a little better even if it doesn’t feel like it. Right now I’m bringing things in as quickly as I can send them out so the sense of progress is stunted. But things are certainly better than they were, and the shape of it is clear in my head. If money were no object I’d lay down the few thousand needed for a full job by experts on the cosmetic things, but I’ve got to be careful so I’m trying to prioritise. Carpets and shower are very high up now on the to do list. It’s tempting to try and find somebody handy to live in the spare room rent free in November and do the work that’s needed, but then I remember that I can be that person and I might as well continue to upskill myself. At the start of lockdown I’d never even changed a wall socket. Today I did another chandelier and didn’t electrocute myself. No matter how confident I feel I’m still gonna pay somebody with a certificate to do the shower. If I’m renting the room I don’t want to cook the guests. But movement is movement.

It’s a maximum one pound listing weekend on eBay so I’ve started queuing up ridiculous large items like granddad’s fucked Tanner Kroll suitcase and a modern boot rack. If I put it on for collection only at a low price somebody will come for it, and if they don’t it’ll go on Freecycle and stop taking up space. I want my space back so I can put more stuff into that space and then get that stuff out as well to make room for even more stuff. This breathing monster of memories is getting easier and easier to partition and sort. One day I’ll be able to see the floor in the living room. One day I might even find out what’s under the carpet. For now just keep on chipping away.

I just took a mouse out the freezer though, as I’m going to drive over to Hampstead tomorrow. The last gasp of the Nissan. It’s being collected on Sunday and off to the big scrap heap in the sky. I lose track of how many short term cars I’ve owned. More than you can imagine. Another one before long I imagine. But the final journey of the Nissan will be to hang out with a friendly snake in Hampstead Heath. Hopefully the weather will be good enough for walking…

Author: albarclay

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