Another slow day…

The wind is roaring across the river into my windows, rattling and battering them and reminding me how cold it is in the world. I’ve been toasty warm in my sanctuary up here, a home which is slowly getting cleared although right now the living room is absolutely full of pictures most of which are worthless and I don’t much like them and they’re taking up space. They’re the sort of pictures you might find on the wall of a pub, the majority of them. There’s not even the chance that one of them is a lost whojamaflip, because I’ve already run them all through a basic check and I’ve got a handle on the painters. Probably one of the best ones is of me by an old schoolfriend. Not that he’s doing as well as he ought to, just that the other artists are doing or did worse. I love some of them despite their notional value being low. I’m having to come to terms with how it works even if I don’t like it.

I’ll put the ones I like on the wall, like I did with this “ancient map of fairy land” by Bernard Sleigh, which cost twice the value of the picture to have it reframed, but I don’t care cos I love it. Picture Framing is a MASSIVE SCAM, right? Sure you need some expensive equipment and some specialist knowledge, but it’s not like you have to train for years, and the hourly rate has got to be worth it. If we lock down again, maybe that’s the next skill I’ll teach myself. Then I can chuck a bit of glass with some wood and by a new car from it.

The pictures I don’t like I’ll just have to find a way to eject from the premises, unless the guy from the auction house who I’ll eventually manage to get round here knows more than I do – (which he will, I expect – I hope…)

It’s been another day mostly deleting paragraphs just after writing them, making another cup of tea, looking out the window, making more words, looking out the window again, swearing, deleting them. A desk would help. I’ve officially drawn a line under it now for the day and I’m having a cup of chamomile tea. Then I’ll likely play a computer game that sounds like porn for a while – Divinity Original Sin 2, anyone? It feels like things are slowing down again like they were in February. Maybe we’ll all be asked to stay in our houses again. Maybe we already have been – I’m not hurrying to switch the news on in the morning. It’s never nice. I want the world back please.

I’m inevitably losing the Nissan in the next week. MOT falls due and parking permit expires. It’s going to the scrapheap but I’m going to immediately try and replace it. In my dreams I’m going to get a lovely shiny big car that I can drive as an uber and fill with boxes too. Reality may have other plans. But it means one guaranteed week of transport. If it’s not closed I might spin to Yorkshire one more time…

Author: albarclay

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