Back into the fray

Kitcat was supposed to move out on the first of September. I extended it to the 12th as she’s been freaking out a bit.

I got back today wondering if she’d managed to do some packing. I had gone away for the weekend allowing her to spread out and get stuff done. Nothing – or at best very little. I have a feeling this will be a longer process than I desired.

But I’m back in town. I’ll help as much as I’m able. The car is not well though which limits my help.

It’s my birthday on the 24th and I’m filming on the 21st so I don’t fancy making a return trip to Scotland right now especially with the dying car so full of her stuff that I can’t take another load to Tennant’s. I have a suspicion that a laden trip to Glasgow will finish the car off, and I’m pretty much certain I won’t be compensated for my time.

I’m not feeling like being stuck in the lake District broke with a fucked car full of clothes and a sick Kitcat. It’s safer she makes her own way, with her stuff. But it’s gonna need prompting. So I’ll prompt her.

I didn’t do all this cleansing and rebalancing work to immediately get myself tangled up and stressed with other people’s shit so I’m trying to keep an eye on the situation without getting swallowed up in it. I can still continue to work without her unpaid presence being too much of an issue, even though every day that room isn’t monetised is money wasted.

Tomorrow I’m going to suggest she pays another month and then I can just extend my deadline for the works a little. I factored on having the space she’s filling to do stuff in. It’s hard enough moving towards this change anyway, and harder still if she’s not helping me do it.

Still, I feel great apart from that one little issue.

It’s astonishing how effective we can be at ignoring all the good things that are happening and looking at the one thing that isn’t working as if it’s the only thing. Things are good right now. It makes such a difference for me, having a vehicle.

The rattly old Nissan is a perfectly decent workhorse until the MOT falls due next month, even if the numberplate fell off on the way back home, even if the exhaust is attached with bulldog clips, even if the heatshield is rattling again, it hates going into third gear and reverse, one of the tyres has a slow puncture and it makes a horrible banging noise when you turn the wheel. It’s not decent enough to go to Scotland, but it got me to the Tor and back, it’s taught Tristan a fair amount about basic driving skill and it’s made a lot possible despite the initial 6 points and big fine fiasco. The weather is glorious. It’s my birth month. Life is pretty good.

Today I sent off all the junk I sold on eBay and gave my brother his cut minus fees. I’m only selling junk on eBay until there’s a maximum one pound selling fee weekend. But I’m beginning to get to the stage where I’ve moved enough that I can see the end of it.

Long may this Indian summer continue.

I’m gonna have a bath and wind down. I sleep early these days!

Author: albarclay

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