Slow day doing not much

A new month. My birth month. And a full moon tomorrow in Pisces. I’m back in Chelsea and tomorrow morning I’ll have to wake up early and do maths.

Much as it was a delight, Medicine Festival was cold. Really really cold. The temperature drop at night was so aggressive that I was trying not to drink water in order that I didn’t have to wake up to pee, but it was usually to no avail and I’d find myself stumbling shivering out through the zip in the wee hours shaking and mumbling.

Last night I slept like I’d been shot, luxuriating in the warmth, and I woke up smiling after a proper long rest and the dreams to match. Even though I’ve had a few days off, I allowed myself to count today as mostly a down day. I sent a couple of difficult emails, and got back to the business of sorting the junk in the flat. The end of the antique pile is closer now that I’ve run two loads up to Tennants, but there’s still so much more to do. I also have to start thinking about boxing up my own things. It looks likely that Mel is going to stay in New Zealand and renew her artist residency in Auckland. That being the case I’ll pack all my stuff up, put it in the attic here and move to hers with a suitcase so I can look after the snake full time and rent out my whole flat for a while.

With the world waking up a bit I’ll have to be efficient with my time again, and not allow myself to get bogged down. I’ve made a list for tomorrow, but it’s pretty rudimentary. It goes : Morning: Tax then walk. Afternoon: eBay then drive. Evening: Snake.

Right now it’s past my bedtime and I realised I’d forgotten about my blog as I was half way through sleepytime camomile. Despite my inertia today I’ve booked a job for next week, agreed to taxi a friend to Gatwick and to look after their doggie for a week, I’ve found out that one of my pictures from the haul might be worth a few bob and I’ve made sense of another box of stuff.

Still a reasonably good day, but I’ve spent many hours getting distracted and reading nice things and looking at shiny things and googling auctions. It’ll be a miracle if I can move out in a month with all the distractions I’m finding. But it’s worth a try, dammit.

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