Fish supper

For anyone who might have started thinking of my daily witterings as episodic narrative I am honourbound to tell you that Kitcat emerged safe and satisfied from A&E in very good time. She had a doctor who told her that on no circumstances should the stitch be pulled out. He sterilised it and cut it off at the head, letting the rest just suck gently back in. It will quietly do the job of sitting in her leg pretending like it’s still holding her skin graft together now. Maybe the tectonic movement of her body will eventually push a bit more to the surface in another two decades. But once the hole is closed hopefully there’ll be no more trouble. The only other option would’ve been reopening her leg which is to be avoided at all costs really as it’d be horrible for something so minor. I’m glad it was dealt with quickly before any infection. Hopefully that’s that.

Once we made peace with A&E being the only way, it was a relatively quick experience. Glad it’s still working, the old NHS, propped up by the pain and passion of too many underpaid wonders, limping towards Trump.

Then I went up to Barnes. I’m looking after my friend’s flat overlooking the duck pond. A little further Southwest, and the local Londis has truffle crisps by the counter, a wide selection of different types of liver pate, and gigantic glass bottles of ginger Kombucha next to cucumber shots and craft beers in the fridge. It’s another world down here. Happy looking people in clothing I’m probably supposed to recognise push around the correct number of children in buggies worth more than my little Nissan. Occasionally they stop at Londis for raw superfood balls and matcha. This is Londis! Anywhere else you go to Londis for Fray Bentos and they charge you for using your card and glare at you balefully throughout the exchange. It’s so very middle class here.

Not that I can talk. I’m at Rick Stein’s. “Do you always come on your own?” asks the maitre d’hotel, proving his worth with just 7 words. I came last week and had the cheapest things on the menu. This time I’m back for the second cheapest. I might even do it once more next week. Being alcohol free has its advantages. I’d normally end up spending more than I’m paying for the whole meal on a single glass of red.

August is always the slowest month unless you’re at Edinburgh. But you often pick up a little commercial here or a spot of telly there. I’m really hoping that things start to roll in soon to help support this expensive fish habit I appear to be developing.

Note the weird plastic bag. All the cutlery comes sealed in one of them. Another layer of misery for the unfortunates who are in the kitchen somewhere polishing them all.

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