Patches of wild

Back in Hampstead on this peaceful summer night. In front of me Hex is diligently suffocating a long dead mouse. Beyond, the city, red lights and windows, peaceful under the moon.

Today has been about different forms of nature in this urban jungle. First we visited the tame wilding of Chelsea Physic Garden. It’s at its brightest for July, with wild flower beds and sunflowers in full bloom, every flower crowded with happy honey bees. We were there in the early afternoon, soaking up the sun, not alone but not particularly crowded either. Sharp bright colours and movement and life. Patches of astonishing colour and beauty. These deep summer days where you’re happy to be alive and happy to be in nature.


It certainly made a change from my attic, where I’d spent the morning in a fruitless search for those fecking Vogue sewing patterns – where did I put them? I’ll find them. And then I will kill them.

My attic is full of dust and as hot as a sauna on days like this. I was drenched and angry, short of breath in a mask that was finally being used for the purpose to which it was created. Dust prevention, rather than watching out for the ‘rona. I didn’t search as thoroughly as I might have as I was too hot. I came down with nothing but a teacup and no sewing patterns and all the sweat. I announced that we’d be going to the park. Certainly better than the living room which is now full of fans that I took down in order to photograph for an auctioneer that I wish would bloody get back to me as I really just want the things out of my possession before I fall over on them or throw wine on them or eat them in a dream where I think they’re kebabs.

We drove across town as evening fell. I wanted to spend some time with Hex, and the Heath is lovely on an evening like this. Hex and I played around on the balcony with Louise although she wouldn’t let him sit on her. He caught some sun, and had some gravity strength training. It’s been a couple of days. I’m glad he’s still as familiar and affectionate. We’ve got to know one another, that snake and I. But I had to put him back in his box as it was time for a walk again, having consumed a huge fat ribeye.

The heath in the sunset. It’s still more crowded than usual there. The underground bars in Camden aren’t doing their usual stinky gigs so the good people of London are still in pockets on the incline overlooking the city. It’s such a magical place to walk around and find the evening. We took in the sights and smells and the snippets of conversation and we saw the silhouettes of ancient trees and it was glorious. Summer is drawing on but there’s a good month to go. God I love these hot days.

I got back and Hex took a helicoptermouse so quickly he almost got my hand. Now it’s evening, wind down, Hampstead sleep and a good swim in the sea tomorrow.

Author: albarclay

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