Taking a toll

Brian occasionally has to go and check The Arts Theatre. It’s sleeping right now, as they all are, these huge central expensive buildings. Worth making sure everything is still secure from time to time. You wouldn’t want to get back after lockdown to find a colony of leopards living on stage.

He does it all by the book, gets forms from the government filled in so if anybody questions his journey he can avoid fines. Then he jumps on his amazing huge great big bike – is it a Triumph Rocket III? I think so. It’s 3000cc. I would drop it on my leg the first time I turned left.

His route goes past mine, and like a legend he knows I’ve been a bit starved of contact so he stops outside and we shout at each other – a bushy bearded Juliet and her biker Romeo.

This morning I actually came downstairs to see him. We sat on my bench. We consumed small snacks and spoke in the way that humans speak. We even bumped elbows. It was lovely. We had a good few years living together up here in this ivory tower with Pickle. I saw him and immediately thought about how untidy I’ve made it the last few weeks. Once I get back from York I’ll have to deal with it. I’ll just frame it in my mind as “work” and then I’ll do it. I’m much better at doing things if I can call it work.

I lost a bit of motivation in the last week or so on the flat – let some negativity seep in. But Rishi Sunak has just announced that there will be another round of income support which helped me untangle my fug of worry. It’s enough to make me like him. Thank God for the magic money tree although we are all going to have to work like trains and spend all our spare time shopping when business opens up again. I’m feeling quite optimistic now, with my mind back on things I can make and who to make them with.

I’ll be seeing Tom, who made Christmas Carol, and spending time with him tomorrow. It’s work. And it’s conflicting emotions. He’s been in London a couple of years now, getting stuck in to theatre even though his base was York. He was doing well until this hit, but now with London rent and uncertainty he’s moving back up. He’s asked me to drive the van and help with the loadup etc.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a gradual flood of similar cases, friends of mine in the theatre game, packing up and packing off back home. Sad for London as he and his girlfriend are good minds and kind people in the industry. Sad for London but good for York, and with his creative mind and his huge work ethic I have very little doubt but that there’ll be something interesting bubbling up in York before too long with him at the helm…

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