Waitrose again and DIY but not much of it

Today was the fortnightly shop for the lovely Jacqueline who explained at length how she can’t work the internet until I told her it was fine. She only asked me for a small amount of wine in the initial list mentioning that she was worried about weight. I told her I wasn’t concerned about weight and she should order what she wanted. I ended up with 14 bottles in the trolley not counting the ones I had for myself.

Getting to the checkout wearing all my protective gear, two lads joined the queue behind me and seemed pretty restless and kept looking at me as everything was checked and bagged. I was going as fast as I could but had one transaction I needed to check as it went through, and then my own on a separate ticket. As it turns out their attention was to do with my safety gear. The industrial respirator is so heavy duty I at first thought I couldn’t get away with wearing it without making people feel weird but I’ve seen a fair few people using them now. It’s all I’ve got, but it attracts attention. “All this mask and lockdown stuff is bollocks mate,” I’m told as I’m heading for the door.

We are all so fed up with being shut in, and we are all dealing with it differently. I hit the booze yesterday on an empty stomach and regretted it today. I had the best part of a bottle of Penderyn that I bought for night-caps. I watched lovely zoom theatre – Operation Elsewhere – and didn’t pay attention to how much I was putting away. By the time I wrote my blog I was three sheets to the wind and angry. My first proper girlfriend once spelled out to me my physiology in front of my friends as we all got ready for a big night. We were living together back then and she had a good handle on me. We were very close.

“Don’t drink wine, it makes you drunk. Don’t drink whisky, you get angry. Don’t drink gin, you get sad. Stick to beer.”

She was right on all counts. Still is. And I was 23.

I’m running a bath and winding towards an early night. I need to step up my speed on the DIY so I don’t want to be slow in the morning. I changed one light fitting today and it took me way too long.


Still, I’m getting through it, but there’s just so much to do, and one of the shoddy old chipboard shelves in my bedroom gave way under a weight of books this morning as I was looking at it. I managed to get everything off it before it collapsed entirely but it’s a timely reminder that I need to finish electricity so I can move on to carpentry. And then maybe see if I can do something about the carpet… Much as I’m fed up of lockdown I’ve definitely got stuff to keep me going until the doors open. And that’s not even taking into account all the eBay selling…

Author: albarclay

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3 thoughts on “Waitrose again and DIY but not much of it”

  1. hmmm Ebay…I list on a Thursday for 10 days, ending on a Sunday, as that way you get two weekends in the spotlight and maximum potential customer browsing time woohoo…plus allegedly folk spend more on a Sunday, as they have free time….but seeing as we are in midst of endless Sundays, this pro-tip may be utterly useless 😉


    1. Right. I’m gonna start listing. Thursday Thursday. Good shout. If u mail me might be worth pinging me here as I’ve got security set to “fortress” on the Hotmail. But a different mode of communication, and less public, might prove less unwieldy in the long run.

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