Passing time

I was supposed to be taking it easy today but the Soda Crystals did a lovely job on the Beethoven bust and I got curious.


Are many of them salvageable? I’ve got a few boxes of them, mostly smoke damaged, and I sidelined them when I thought there was no way I’d ever get the smoke out. Today I’ve been back and forth to the kitchen with marigolds and a toothbrush, and there’s a little collection of Victorian dignitaries clustered around my sink. Some of them look pretty fly, although they’ve been exposed to a hell of a temperature and then sprayed with fire hoses so there are plenty of cracks and some of the ones I unwrap have exploded.

I sat in front of the great big telly and watched blue planet with one eye while knuckling into the chandelier with brasso. I still have the ammoniacal smell in my nostrils, but I’ve rebuilt the thing and hung it nicely in the bathroom without getting electrocuted. Coming up soon is doors, once the basic electrics are done with, and you can’t say I’m not learning even if as soon as a professional comes round they’ll shake their heads and say “who the fuck put this in?” I’ll need a professional before too long but it’s useful for me to upskill myself and do all the things that I reckon I can do during this time. The days are pretty eventful as a result. New things slow down time. But in a good way.

I’ve also got the juicer set up in the kitchen for the first time in ages. The theory is that tomorrow and every day until they run out I’ll start the day with a load of juiced stuff. I have plenty of apples and oranges and carrots. We take our pleasure where we can. Dad used to juice all sorts of things. He existed on nothing but juice and supplements for the last few years of his time with us. I got used to putting green peppers and bags of kale and all sorts of weird not very juicy stuff through his huge machine. Then I had to get the pulp and put it through again twice. “The best stuff is in the third run,” he’d tell me. And I still often find myself doing that. Yesterday I was thinking of a moment with mum as I wrote. Now a moment with dad. They leapfrog through the years with us, these hearts and minds that made us.

If I’m going to be trapped in my flat with a snake I might as well take a leaf out of dad’s healthy eating book and be kind to myself and eat well. I’m even taking my vitamins and supplements even if I’m cancelling it out with booze again for the weekend.

I really need to start prioritising exercise though. That’s not even on the huge list I’ve made… I should put it there. Carrying boxes doesn’t cut it.

Work normally provides a lot of exercise by mistake but I’m down to my daily walk and I didn’t even leave the house today. It’s 8pm and I’m still in the stuff I slept in.

Claire teaches barre online and she’s fab. I’m going to go on Monday. “New things…” I think I’m just a little scared of barre. But what have I got to lose?

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