Three shows, late booze

It’s 9pm on a Saturday night and I’ve got a show in two hours. Very weird. Our third show today and the final one of this run.

My post show hand to mouth is ingrained enough that I’m having to distract myself so as not to break my own hard rules about booze and acting. It’s a strange sort of acting this, installing myself in a pool of light in my living room, frequent unusual bursts of activity, spit water over myself, go and unload the dishwasher, get the lasagne out of the oven and eat three mouthfuls, put it down, check teeth, speak poetry with snake on head, finish, prevent snake from falling into lasagne, eat lasagne, don’t eat snake, get tangled up in wires, talk to a load of pets, speak more poetry, hug myself, dance in the living room, dismantle, set up again, repeat. THE TEMPEST!

It wouldn’t be right to do it drunk even though I bet a good 50% of the audience will be trollied.

After the late show tonight then I’ll be out of work again for a bit. Stepping into the world with everybody else. Perhaps a chance to finally tidy up this carnage of a living room that I’ve ended up making as the world shifts into strange summer.

I’m sure I’ll find something else to make or do. But it’s worth remembering that downtime is valuable as well as constant frantic activity interspersed with bouts of numbing myself.

I’d still love to have a holiday but who knows how long it’ll be before we can do that sort of thing again. None of us can predict the future. It’s hard enough making sense of this weird present that we’re all stumbling through.

I’m gonna treat May as a holiday. My original plan was to make the flat lovely and then go away for The Chelsea Flower Show and rent the place. That ain’t happening. Flower Show is cancelled and holidays aren’t possible. Instead I’ve taken all the pictures down and filled the place with lights and cushions and surfaces in weird places and wires. Rationalising it would be a very good use of my time. Sorting cables etc. Making things feel less cluttered. eBay selling instead of buying. Clearance.

Today’s Mubi looks interesting so I’ll likely get stuck into that. Primer. Made by native English speakers for a change so no reading, but I suspect I’ll have to give it my full attention and not let it blow past like last night’s sad alcoholic requiem to a chaosmaster.

Half nine. The bath is close to full so I’m going to get in. I’m gonna be ready for bed by the time this show comes round. Maybe I could just have a snooze and let Hex do my lines. I make most of them up anyway. But no. Max would notice. My brother’s in the audience tonight. With his kids.

Well. I missed the Mubi. Lovely to see Max and family in. Once again a wonderful week helping people share experience. This is a medium that can be explored further. It’s not a replacement, because much of the joy is in the hankering after what we have lost. When I hug my son but don’t. When they pass engagement rings. We will never replace live theatre, but we can make something live through a screen that works for now. More satisfying than a “live” stream video, which is basically just a film with famousy mcfamous.

Depending on timeframes, this’ll be the live medium for a while. Nobody thinks it’ll be like this forever. Right now, though, famousy  mcfamous is having lights and a screen and an instruction video sent. If they need interim craftsman they can look at our company. Maybe they can promote some of the wonderful humans in our company to famousy mcfamous. I’ll sponsor them.

Here’s my playing space. I actually have a greenscreen that I’m not using currently. Because the beanbag is invisible to the wall. And right now I’m happy to roll that way at the expense of occasional tiny glitches, as it allows effects.

Making stories that make people happy is greater than vanishing up your arsehole about your own established self importance. Maybe finally there can be a shift in my industry. Dare to dream! We are making a lovely silly thing that connects people. We are making live art. And I’m half asleep so I’m just going grammatically finish this sentence and go to bed.


Author: albarclay

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2 thoughts on “Three shows, late booze”

  1. Fantastic performances Al. I think I saw every single one. Absolutely loved the whole thing. Never occurred to me that you might nip out for a bite between scenes. Hilarious 🤣 Looking forward to the next! Well done. Damian


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