People plus time

Scheduling idiocy meant that I published yesterday’s blog five hours late and likely all the autoshares failed. I was very quickly alerted to the major fail by a worried reader, but thank you to both the concerned people who thought I might have died. As I said to one of them, “If there’s no blog it’s either because I’ve messed up with scheduling or because I’m dead. Or the whole internet is down. But it’s always always worth messaging me because I fuck up the share all the time.

There was a period of about two months starting in December when autoshare broke to Facebook and loads of people just assumed I’d stopped writing and yet never messaged me. I even had people say to my face “Guess you got too busy for the daily blog thing then!” when they should’ve said “I am under the erroneous impression that you don’t see things through and I don’t know that your personal blog site is so I rely on autoshare through other sites.”

Know this: I will not stop unannounced. No blog at 6am GMT means someone has dropped a piano on my head or I’ve fucked up the scheduling. In either instance it is better to message me than not to. If I’m dead I won’t get angry. And if I’m not I’ll want to know something’s gone wrong. If I’m on a ventilator I’ll still get some words out. I’ll just drop the minimum. Know that.

Zuckerberg is a cunt so he has been trying to monetise hits for ages on this on Facebook and restricting what I can share and to who without money changing hands. You Facebookers can help by making his machine go *ping* when you engage. Ditto Twitter. I’m so past caring about all that bollocks but if a tree falls etc. And they pick what they show. So yeah think of this sentence like the final few seconds of most YouTube videos, but apply it to different blogs that strike you rather than just this one that thinks about the nuts and bolts.

Here we all are, locked in our own homes, wondering what the fuck is going to be left when our catastrophe of a prime minister gets out of intensive care. The UK political opposition is all gearing up to disappear up its own arsehole again.

I hope he gets well. I’m sure he will. And all of us. I hope we all do.

Half of my friends are in lockdown. Half of my friends think lockdown is bollocks imposed by “them”. You can never prove prevention any more than you can prove “them”.

The bollocksycustard lot are either going to luck out and stay well – (statistically most likely) – at which point they’ll double down on their conspiracy nonsense, or they’ll actually get sick, at which point they’ll tell us all they were injected maliciously by government agents because of what they know, or it was in the water etc. And the vaccine, when it comes! Fuck me! It’ll be a mind control death serum that turns us all into zombies with AIDS. Like with smallpox. So many anti-vaxxers lost their children after successful campaigns to avoid vaccination. How quickly we forget. “Because history is a lie, man! etc etc”

Basically too many people have too much time on their hands.

I have had the luxury and time to overthink before. It really is a luxury and it really is no help. I’m done with it. It’s dangerous and serves nothing. But huge minds that have normally been turned to survival are now going to … well wherever they are guided at worst, wherever they are inclined at best.

The whole 5g Wuhan Spanish Flu scary music thing is compelling. But with my scientist brother and my childhood alongside him I’m too careful in my approach to stuff like that. I will never be won over by someone in a nicely done video showing me science and using an “important voice”. Max is better at science and I’m better at important voice.

We have so many sources of information. We should be suspicious of all of them. Including me.  It’s only right.

Stay safe. Don’t die of the fearthing or get killed for what you know depending on which side you wear your tinfoil.

Be happy.


Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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