Friends and hibernating

January is still feeling very quiet in town as I go through this recalibration process. I’m keeping myself busy though. Six people round my flat over the course of today. Four of them in the daytime. We had another D&D session because we’ve all just finished Christmas Carol and the last one was good craic. Now it’s Campbell, Tom and I. We had a healthy meal and I must’ve got through three non alcoholic beers and a carton of orange juice. Placebos all the way right now as I service my sugar addiction while ditching the booze part. One thing at a time. It’s only a month and it’s only going to get easier. Besides there’s plenty coming up.

I think I’ll be a monk for a couple of weeks now though. It feels like the right time of year for hibernation…

I’ll try to avoid spending money as much as possible. Go out just for good friends and work. Get back on the looking for short term day jobs train. Spend as little as I can get away with in this town and make my home as nice as I can while I’m here. I can even get back on the eBay listing. There’s plenty more to sell. Plenty more to find out about. What with flat sorting and eBay alone I’ve got enough stuff to do to take every hour of every non working day for many months to come. No time like the present, etc. Plus there’s walks in the park and moving my shoulder.

NHS online says two weeks is pretty normal for this sort of shoulder pain so despite the constant nature of it I’m a bit less worried now. I reckon it’s pretty much definitely a trapped nerve, brought on by doing lots of theatre but not warming up or warming down properly (sorry Wendy) and exacerbated by carrying a heavy greasy oven down 4 flights of stairs. I’ll probably end up joining the hordes of bright eyed men and women who will be queuing for yoga classes for next few weeks as they cling onto the scraps of their resolutions. I’m going to keep safely using my shoulder in the hopes that it suddenly goes “ping” and stops trying to murder me. The sooner I can stop mixing and matching the painkillers the better, as it’s weird trying to detox while putting God knows what into my stomach every 4-6 hours.

I might call some good friends tomorrow and see if I can get a moment with them. There are various people that I haven’t seen for months and months because of the wonderful long run of work I just had. It feels like this cold dark month might be a good time to try and chase people up for dinner parties in my flat, daytime walks in parks and family catch ups.

Right now though I’m off to sleep. I have to get a quote for a bathroom floor first thing tomorrow morning to send to my mate in New Zealand…


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