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Flavia met me at the airport, or at least that was her intention. I landed early and shot through immigration. My bag was first out (as last in). I got to the platform before she even got to Osterley. We converged at Hounslow in the sleet. Her professed duty was to keep me awake from then on in. She did it admirably but now I’m on my own again. I’m in bed with a hot water bottle. It’s cold and my body thinks it’s ten o’clock this morning and is properly confounded about the fact it’s dark in the world and there has been virtually no sleep. I don’t have much left in the tank. My eyes are drooping.

It’s good to be home even though home is weird. Things not there, most notably one large human and one tiny cat. I’m going to arrive first and then calibrate. Flavia really helped me arrive.

Lying in my bed I’ve got tinnitus again for the first time since I left the flat which implies to me that the “tinnitus” I thought I had in London is actually something making a horrible noise near my head. I’ll investigate tomorrow though. I’m too tired for digging through electrics tonight. I can barely throw words down here. My eyes are heavy. But there’s an advantage to three months in quiet rooms. I can come home and know that either I’m exhausted and it’s a coincidence or I need to get a good electrician and I’ll sleep a lot better for it.

I like my home. I feel at home here too. But it looks like the nomadic existence might be carrying on for a few more months pretty soon, so getting the electrics sorted etc now there’s no Brian could allow for a time of dropping the place on Airbnb while I sod off around the world having fun with other people’s words.


Flight home was fine. I watched The Last Jedi and enjoyed it much more the second time. I think Star Wars films, for the kids that grew up with the mythos of the first three, are always going to be an exercise in recalibration. It was odd thinking that both Chewbacca and Leia have actually died in real life since the movie was shot. Two lovely humans vanishing just after the wheel had spun them to the top again. I suspect the last film is gonna be a bastard to edit using what they have in the can and cgi. I imagine I’ll catch it in the cinema.

Anyway. Bla bla bla. It’s half six. I literally have no waking left within me. I’ll try to write something better tomorrow, life permitting.


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