America Day 54 – Unexpected space

Broad Ripple. It’s not really Indianapolis but it might as well be. We drove in, Claire and I. We found we had some time. It’s only an hour’s drive each way which is nothing when you compare it to the ground we’ve covered. The scale of this country!

Lunchtime found us having French Onion Soup by the canal. La Petite Chou, with incomprehensible amounts of cheese and a small glass of Laurent Perrier. Life is pretty fucking good. We then wandered around this suburb of Indy, as they call it. There’s an old railway, now concreted into a path and used as a cycle lane. Thankfully the law over here states repeatedly and visibly that pedestrians have priority, so you don’t get crusty shouty lycra clad beardfaced cockbuckets passive aggressively insulting you as they zing past on the wings of virtue and entitlement like you do in London ALL THE TIME. In fact a few cyclists wished us a good afternoon and we shouted it back after them.

The old railway is called The Monon Trail. We walked northwards down the line through the autumn trees, burning sharp to amber and blood red. We followed a man on a motorised skateboard when he cut right, into a residential area.

We suddenly found ourselves in a historic neighborhood. Big old stone houses. Signs all over the place advertising that it’s a Halloween Party Street. All the houseowners have been making an effort. Silly gravestones in the gardens, pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. Dangling skeletons and giant spiders and cobwebs and bats. Monsters in the windows and projections on the walls. We still have a week to go but this state is gearing up for the big day. The houses we walk past have likely already spent thousands of dollars on candy between them. People will drive their kids ages to let them walk down this street next week and load up on sweeties.


It’s huge over here, Halloween. Last time I had an American Halloween I was working for this same company, in Denton Texas. We went round a load of frat parties. We made an effort with costume that day thank God. Everybody else had. This year might not be … quite so crazy. We will be in a very holy place.

I’ve been writing this town up as a small town. Next week is going to be smaller and considerably more religious. I think next week is the sort of place where I risk getting burnt at the stake if I admit that I play Dungeons and Dragons. I’m still up for trying to make Halloween fun there, although we have a show that night so it might be tricky with timings. We might be exhausted.

We got back to Greencastle from Indianapolis in time to reconnect with the unit. There are only five of us on this crazy tour. We have covered thousands of miles together. All things considered, we are getting on extremely well for people who have been in each other’s pockets for so long. Only two weeks left of work. Time past time to work out what is happening next…


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