America Day 50 – California to Indiana

Alarm at 5. Sticky eyes. Heavy. Grab bags. iPad? Got it. Leave flask on bedside table. Go to check out. Worry I’ve left iPad. Back upstairs to check. Fail to notice abandoned flask. Flask mark III, farewell.

Into the car. To the airport. Scales. Bag is overweight. Shoes to handluggage. Scales again. Still overweight. Employ charm. Roll a 20. Bag goes on the flight.

Security. Laptop and iPad at top of hand luggage. Efficient now. Or so I think. “Sir, can you take your shoes off.” “They’re fine,” I mumble. “Been through every week with them on,” I continue, muzzily, all the while obeying him anyway as there’s never any point in disobeying. Everything goes through. It all goes back on my person. I’m through security. It’s too fucking early still. I need caffeine.

Coffee. Peetz. Better than Starbucks but you could say the same of a cat shitting in your mouth. Caffeine. Loo. No flask. Water fountain. Find gate. Wait.

Board plane. Worry about accordion. Find overhead locker. Relief. Sit down. iPad. Take off. Look out windows. Land in Phoenix. Wait fucking ages. Get stuff back from locker. Transfer.

Board again. Worry about accordion again. Locker again. More relief. Much more sitting. Much more iPad. Play 66% of Day of The Tentacle. Could’ve finished it but got stuck.

Land in Indianapolis. Rain. Torrential buffeting rain. “Gee Toto, I guess we’re not in California anymore.”

Baggage reclaim. Bag is drenched. Enterprise surprisingly unobstructive. Haven’t eaten yet apart from salty pretzels and some cheesy biscuit stuff. And a small plastic glass of coke. It’s evening. “Want some fruit,” says Kaffe. “No.”

45 minute drive. It’s getting dark now. Get to reception. The phone at reception rings as we arrive. It’s for us. ugh. We need to go to a meeting immediately. Dump stuff in room. Find beef jerky. Eat half a dried cow. Regroup in reception. Walk into de Pauw. Can’t find it. Ring? No answer. Ask. No clue.

Meet a young woman. “I’m Ron’s daughter. Are you the actors?” Follow her, Ariadne through a maze. Glad of her.

Meet a load of people. Be charming. “Hi, I’m Al.” “Hi I’m Al.” “Hi I’m Al.”

Food. Good Christ there’s sandwiches. Eat sandwiches. Eat potato salad. Eat pasta. Be charming. Nice people. It’s easy. Time to go? Time to go.

Walk back to hotel. Oh well goodness me there’s a bar in the hotel. Order beer. FUCK ME THE PINT GLASSES FILL FROM THE BOTTOM WITH MAGNETS. Order two beers. Stick a curious finger into the bottom of the glass and get beer all over my arm. Get the rest of it into my throat. Get another one. Loo. Sit in a circle with the others. “Cheers” “cheers” “cheers”.

Write blog. Feel warm. Enjoy company. Mention my blog. “Oh I still haven’t done the blog,” says Kaffe. He has to do the official one. Oh I know that feeling. Sorry mate.

I put Kaffe onto 80 Days. Best travel game possible. It took him almost the whole flight to get through it on a first play though. Both of us, geeks, gaming instead of blogging.

Here I am, exhausted. Monosyllabic blog, go.



Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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