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Final day in Yeovil today. One tricky character in the room turned the whole day a little bit sour. It could’ve been much less of a slog. Still, I’ve earned my keep in good company. A bunch of actors, 250 kids, several disinterested supply teachers, one neurotic client. They’re a good lot, the guys I work with. Unusual characters, with some seriously interesting CVs, passion and a work ethic. These are the people who don’t like to let the day go for nothing if they can help it. These are the hardworking mentor types. I’m sometimes surprised to be among them, but I’m always glad. They’ve looked after me over the years, this company. When it’s just inconvenient for me to work for them I’ll try my best to be accommodating. The work itself can be satisfying despite neurotic clients. She was probably having a good day. I was just picking up some seriously weird energy from her. The day was still good for the kids though. The company offers a sterling product.


I was recommended to them by a friend who caught me refilling a pint mug under the table in a pub. It was Jon’s engagement party and I’d just been excluded from a deeply loved dayjob for obscure reasons. I was at a low point internally. Cashflow was terrible, but rightly he said “What the fuck are you doing?”

The next evening I was being driven to Sherbourne to be gainfully employed. And so began a period of years where I’ve drawn a relationship with them. My inability to say “no” has caused me some inconveniences, but it’s always good when the money comes in. I told them I wasn’t available next week at all though, of necessity. It’s one of their busiest weeks of the year. The diary is empty and I could make a lot of money, but I have an unconscionable amount of line learning to do, plus I want to get on a bike as much as possible. If they knew I was free I’d end up working every day, looking like a tit in rehearsal and riding into a tree with a full bank account – maybe even enough to get new teeth. But I couldn’t tour America if I’d eaten tree. That would suck. As would I. I need to work as hard as possible now.

I’ve been watching “hazard perception” videos online. They didn’t exist when I learnt to drive. They’re like boring computer games and have about as much correlation with real life. But I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that when I find my ride I’m safe on it. After all, I drove back from Yeovil today and, as I think back over the drive, I did a few things by habit behind the wheel of a huge great Hyundai i800 which I’d be mad to do on a bike. Things that are done because you KNOW the aggressive driver behind you has seen you. He might not have seen you on a bike, and if he goes into the back of you on two wheels you’ll probably need a new face, hands, neck, knee, elbow or corporeal body so it’s not such a big deal that he’s liable on insurance.

I’m sleepy now though. Glad I stayed sharp long enough to get the Hyundai back to Enterprise but it was tiring. Bastards usually pick it up when you’re a business client but I wasn’t back until 7 so I had to take it to Park Lane and drop it off in a huge underground garage, and then get home with all my bags. Now I’m under Pickle, listening to the wind beginning to pick up outside and break this heat. And I’m off into a deep booze free sleep.

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