God of War and Chill

Last night didn’t go quite according to plan. I woke up hungover and remembered a string of ubers and of questionable decisions. A lot of of fun though even if not the best economy move. I owe my friends some drinks, as they weren’t letting me get stuck into rounds. It turned into a cathartic night, even if it wasn’t the most restrained.

Fun last night didn’t translate into fun this morning though. I woke up with a head on. I stamped around injecting coffee and being negative and shoving Hot Cross Buns into myself while Brian tried the fix his bike audibly outside, sadly to no avail. Both of us have machines that don’t work. My jaguar is in Sussex. I can’t afford to fix it and insurance is still massive every month. Probably the battery is done by now. At least the soul van is parked outside safely, but it’s not really a runaround. It’s useful for big jobs, that van, and I’ve got it for a few weeks yet. March is filling slowly, but there’s still some space in my calendar, particularly next week, if anyone needs haulage.

Randomly this afternoon my client for a house move on Thursday pulled the job out from under me. Fuck it. It’s the only van job I had lined up right now and would’ve helped tick things over. I can’t book too far in advance as I don’t know when I might have to return it. But she just pulled out of a simple job with no good reason. Maybe I’ll get an audition on Thursday and thus retrospectively be grateful for it. But right now I’m properly pissed off with her. I’ve never even met her – she’s a friend of a friend – but therefore I’m just an idea and you can mess people around when they’re just ideas. Likely she’s got a mate with a van who is getting the same rate but she knows them. Still annoying and leaves me with another negative day in the expenses book.

I was supposed to be going up to Richmond to watch the rugby with Tristan but canceled myself, partly as I was in a bad mood after she pulled the Thursday job and partly because I knew I’d end up spending. Instead I sat at home. I cooked a good healthy lunch and felt too sick to eat it. I played PS Now and finally finished the first ever God of War game, which got my appetite back for real world food.

I’m only a decade or so behind the seminal games… I read, played with the cat, watched Netflix and chilled (the non euphemistic version.) And after such an aggressively pedestrian day I sunk into the bath to write a blog about how little I’ve done, unless you count defeating the God Ares and taking his place in the pantheon, which you can do by hammering a load of buttons for about 11 solid hours of gaming. Who knew the deification process was both so repetitive and so achievable.

Now I’m in the bath with wine and Kindle using my ingenious bath shelf. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do something…


Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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