Cold build

The van is parked in a loading bay outside Gatsby. It starts being regulated at 8am so I have to make sure I’m there on the dot. I’m leaving it there partly because until the interior is built it’s tricky to move it without collapsing everything inside, and partly because moving it in regulated hours would mean I’d have to pay congestion charge. Gatsby has accessible power. If there’s someone there…

Nobody got into Gatsby until 3pm though, which meant 7 hours in the van with no power and no loo. It’s telling that on a cold day like today I was happier by far sitting in the cab with the blowers on than I was working in the “comfortable” back section. It didn’t matter what it looked like in there, I was looking at my breath when I was in there. It was like working in a walk in fridge.

I really want people to feel comfortable in the van. We’ll need more than lights. We’ll need more heaters and more cushions, and more time, to warm the thing up before we start if the weather stays like this. If we can make it a haven then we can catch walk-ups. If it’s a cold metal case then we could be PT Barnum in there and it’d go for nothing.

The magic of Facebook though. I’m asking for a lot on there at the moment. I’m very aware that I am. I guess it’s an inevitability when you’re making something and the budget is zero. Whatever the hell I make next is going to have a budget. But this doesn’t, so I’m having to borrow a great deal of stuff – and people keep coming up trumps. An old friend is dropping round an oil radiator tomorrow on the way to the gym. We have staple guns and ladders in the van that don’t belong to us, as well as miles of material, some large items of furniture, some pictures, some shelves, an urn, a lectern and a weird old book. At heart it’s a truck where you get a proper tarot reading. But we are running interference. We are throwing lots of other things at it. Come if you like random. Don’t come expecting a scripted monologue. If that’s your groove you’ve doubtless got hundreds to choose from, right next door. But I’m confident we will find our groove, and with it the find the right people. And if I can solve the heating thing it’ll be a cosy little den and that’s super important. I want “oooh” and not “brrrr”.

But that’s been my day. Man vs cold. Mel had to teach a workshop so it was me muttering to myself and badly sticking pins into things, dragging things up and down stairs, banging my head on metal corners, going back into the cab to warm up periodically, wishing I could make a fire in the middle of the van and have done with it.

I’m excited and scared to get the experience/thingthing/show/truck on the literal road. Obligatory ticket link this sentence.

I’ve written this whole thing in the bath. Warming up before bed…



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