I don’t think we could’ve timed it worse if we’d tried. We were walking down the towpath from Hackney Wick when the rain we’ve all been waiting for came all at once all over us. All I have in my bag is a single dry sock, for some reason. By the time we got to the boat it was as if we’d been swimming fully clothed. Now I’m in a sarong and a very colourful woman’s blouse, with wet feet jammed into soaking trainers. I’ve gone for a little walk in the post storm calm, ostensibly to buy biscuits but actually because I need the loo and her mum is on the boat.

I first met her mum about an hour ago. I was howling loudly into the storm, utterly drenched to the bone, long past caring. She said “Mum!” and suddenly in a flash of lightning there was a woman with an umbrella. Since then we’ve dried out, and it’s the mum’s blouse I’m wearing. I think perhaps her mum is actually some sort of storm divinity. She came down in a deluge. She’ll likely leave in a whirlwind. I’m going to propitiate her with this offering of biscuits just as soon as I’ve gone to the loo.

I found a bar and wandered in in my sarong. One person said “good morning.” It’s 8pm. Everyone else smiled at me. Nobody seemed to mind that I just fluttered in, loo, didn’t buy anything and fluttered out again. The way I look I suspect they think I’m either selling mushrooms or I’m stuck in a time trap from the seventies. I feel pretty comfortable, floating around like this, even though my feet are soaking. We needed that rain. Maybe we didn’t need it all at once like that, but it’s still good to get some wet on the ground.

Sort of a day off today, although the morning was mostly about finding a place to put the van. The weekend is going to be busy, so I reckon I can put my feet up, eat some biscuits and enjoy the fact that now it’s rained out it’s gorgeous again.


Blood moon tonight with mercury retrograde. That’s the sort of thing I should be concerned with, dressed like this. Not just biscuits. But I think I’ll get stuck into the biscuits with the rain god first. One of these days I’ll take my time and write a cogent argument here again. But clearly not today. Minor deities and biscuits again.

Shame really that the clouds chose to wait until today to cross over. I was looking forward to a bit of blood moon howling. My belly is rolling with swells of feeling right now. I don’t really know why but for the last few months I’ve felt like I’m in a boxing match. I think Wilderness Festival next weekend will help me find equilibrium. It’s become an annual safety valve for me. Not hard party like Shindig. More a chance to gather together the bits of me that I’ve spread thin over the year and put them all back into my heart in roughly the right order, in a place that I think of as being quite special, quite thin, and deeply webbed with happy memories. But that’s for next week.

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