Knackered in The Wye Valley

Now we are in deep country, just Lou and I, somewhere near Trellech in the Wye Valley. My plan is to do as little as possible now just for a few days. Events and parties and awkward dinners and shows begone for a few days. I’m already half asleep and it is just gone 8pm.

It’s quiet out here. The bluebells are late this year so they are still scattered at the edges of pathways. Rich bird life to look at and to listen to. To get here we drove through the black mountains and I stopped at all the stables I found and inquired about intensive courses. One of them might be able to tailor something that feels like what I’m after. Others were incredibly friendly. I have a premonition that the word “horse” is gonna be showing up here more and more. I think I’ve still got my jodhpurs somewhere at home. Shit is gonna get real. I just have to find the right place. Going and looking in person might yield a better one than the ones that are easy to find on the internet. IT and marketing skills maketh not a good equestrian trainer.

I was gonna learn some lines but then I decided that’s just cos I’m really bad at not doing things. For the next 24 hours I can have my actor’s weekend, have a restful Monday, stop doing doing doing, be.

It’s a self contained section of a little farmhouse tucked up in the Welsh hills. Cheap compared to many such things. Walks around here are plentiful and it is pleasantly decorated and comfy. I can barely keep myself awake enough to write this and that’s partly to do with the fact it’s just cosy here.

There seems to be a lot of interesting ancient stuff around here. Plenty to find tomorrow. We have two nights here, then I’ve got one more in Brighton before I get back to all the work.

Author: albarclay

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