Thing started

And so it is completed.

I remember giving someone this advice about an immersive show they were in as an actor: “If there’s something you need artistically, make sure it’s in place before the first tester audience even if you have to get it yourself. If you do without it for that first show, even by breaking character to explain its absence, you will NEVER EVER get the thing you need if you don’t get it yourself, because the show has played successfully… the money is in the bank… the team has moved on – even if they don’t tell you they have.”

Today I’m the producer. Part of it.

Fuck its hard.

Yeah, great if you’ve got actors who provide their own stuff then it’s golden.

We did a show. It was full of the dignitaries of Southwark. It happened.

Who the hell knows how it all went. But I hope and believe that nobody was left stranded.

My extensive wardrobe really added to things. The audience dresses up in glorious absurd things. I’m very happy to play dress up, and it’s pleasant to play with strangers as they put on these interesting garments I’ve managed to scavenge. Even tonight we had someone wanting a pattern cut from the capes. I love the capes. We are only using five now. We could manage more capes, but ideas are often harder than realities. This is a well bonded creative team. We had the right amount for what we needed. And there’s a dry cleaning bill to add to the budget. A fraction of the hire cost though.

I’m home, slightly addled with booze. Once the show ran clean, I fell into the trap of mollifying stale adrenaline via substance. Boozy boy. Don’t call me tomorrow morning unless you’re a sadist. There’s not much insight I can offer in this state, other than gushing about my collaborators…


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