Calm before the calm

I’ve been an ASM before but it’s not my calling. Still, today, a team of us helped with the build. It was optional, but surprisingly well attended. Sammy and I started at the bitter start and pushed on until the…

Uxbridge first, to rainily pick up some printouts before fighting through rush hour to pick up all sorts of crap plus Campbell. Then into the space. Caroline lets me put Bergman into her lockup, which means that Campbell and I both get to go in to work for £15.00 the pair of us plus fuel. The tube is so pricey that, since we don’t have to pay for parking, it’s the best option considering we can carry armload after armload of set dressing etc. I’m made aware by doing this how curious and bizarre and wonderful the random things I have at home seem to be. But also I’m happy to bubble wrap and box the fuckers and label them and put them away with knowledge.

Campbell and I played dress-up this evening and now we have mister Kirkaldy and his wannabe musician son William. He’s the same shoe size as me. I’ve put him in the snake skins, and a gorgeous tailcoat. He won’t get to keep them, as they are story-clothes and I know they will continue to be handy. If I give all the best stuff away I’ve only got the crap stuff left, but I’m very happy to see the extensive wardrobe being used. That’s why I have it, and why I was given it. Bits are scattered hither and yon, all across London. At heart its made to be used and loved, and it fell to me for that purpose. I still think of how we went to The National Theatre wardrobe and pretended not to flinch. Lou was incredible lending her ladycostume bits, and doubly incredible hitting me up with the contacts for what I still think of as the costume haul of a lifetime. It’s gamechanging having so much stuff to hand. Siwan too has brought wonderful random objects. Everybody is generating.

We looked at tech. I don’t really have much to do as an actor in this. I’m holding my status by doing very little. It’s lovely and unfamiliar. And I’m not freaked out about having to do stuff in front of an audience tomorrow, I’m looking forward to it.

We laid out lights etc. Nothing is set in stone. But I’d better go to sleep now as my sentences almost coming out backwards are sentences my og peels

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