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I’m very very happily tired at the end of the day.

Today wasn’t a particularly hard day. Today wasn’t in any way a standout day either. Just a day. Nevertheless I’m tired at the end of it. I’m happy it’s over and I get to lie in my radiatorbed and decompress.

The dark makes me tired. I don’t like it when it isn’t summer. Just being able to slow myself down is pleasant. I’m in Walworth tomorrow doing workshops.

I set my biological clock to an early sleep because I was expecting to have a Lou with me in London today. She is being paid a decent daily rate to be on a job in London but the costumes are still in transit so there’s no point in her being here. Tomorrow she’ll be on the clock to do nothing at she’s gonna stay one more night with the invalid cat and then we get to hang tomorrow instead. I only discovered she wasn’t coming a couple of hours ago. I celebrated by eating a stinky meal of garlic sausages and beans. Now I’m gonna shamelessly starfish across my whole damn bed.

Tom just got home after his first night at Vault. He’s directing a work in progress one person show with someone a little bit starry and by the sound of things the first tester went well and the crucial agent gave it enough seal of approval to be soliciting for those all important casting humans to come. God the degrees of separation between actor and job!! I know why it has happened. I’ve met those people who tell you how they are aCtORs immediately when you meet them. I have tried to work with some of them as they flinch and shout and lie. Obviously this human he is directing can do the job, she’s already got the credits, but still the agent has to check things out before bringing anyone… I did years of Carol before any of my agents came. When they did they loved it but came too late in the run to bring anyone. We are sadly only really allowed to do what people have seen us do already. I hate to think of the years of weird wonderful stuff I’ve done that even I can’t remember. Sometimes I see photos of myself on stage and can’t remember what it even was that I was doing. I was learning. That’s enough. I was growing.

And right now I’m about to start dozing. Lovely garlicky dinner. I might go get a shot of brandy and talk with Tom in more detail about the show tonight. Either way, I’m signing off.

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