Quiet day after Christmas

A quiet day. Happy to have one. No obligations, nothing to build. A guest on the sofa, but that was it. I woke up with a start at half past twelve when Lou rang.

Up to the Kings Road and a lunchtime Guinness in The Chelsea Potter and by the time I was back at the flat I was already pretty much spent, but I had stuff to do.

Tidying. There’s so much uneaten cheese. I gave Sarah all the remaining potatoes and much of the turkey. I tried to eat all the things I could eat, and tomorrow I’ll eat more. But it feels like the Christmas wasted food mountain will not be too high. I’m here another day now. I’m really nervous about rain in the flat, but the management guys are out of office until the third of January so I feel like I’ll be mostly throwing my care after emptiness if I stay here and wait for something to change.

Today I’m not making myself think about anything too much though. I’m gearing up for a relaxing few days and I’ll get to spend some proper time with Lou soon.

Picture-noise while I was clearing up was The Traitors, simply because Twitter wouldn’t stop serving me information about it. It’s a reality TV version of Werewolf (out of mafia) a game that immersive theatre humans have been playing drunk for decades. It’s nice to see it episodic and borne out large. It’s a wonderful horrible game about paranoia and manipulation. There are strategies within strategies and it’s very very deep and very very human. Watching it is giving me flashbacks to being young and thrusting at BAC.

I’m sleepy now though. Gonna turn in. Happy to have nothing to think about for at least a week.

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