Christmas zzzz

All that work tidying and the flat is trashed. I’ll be off to Brighton first thing on the 27th so I’m glad that some people made off with bags of potatoes but seriously if anyone needs turkey or cheese I’ve got it (not likely at this time of year). Brian and I have streamlined the shop but we haven’t perfected it yet. Sarah brought a home made trifle and it totally supplanted all the cheeses. I barely even touched the Vacherin. Maybe tomorrow I will be organised and make a stock and then a soup and freeze it. I have actually managed that in previous years, but I’m not sure I will this time.

A number of delightful guests spanning a wide age range. Turkey and ham and potatoes and two different types of sprouts and parsnips and carrots and then we all ended up playing charades and then it rained and I panicked cos it was coming into my bedroom again and that kinda put a damper on it and next thing I knew the Santa wagon via Natnat was forging through the late night streets taking the bulk of the Christmas guests back to their respective dwellings leaving just me and one other in a darkened house suddenly quiet once more.

Brian spent the day chained to the oven and worked wonders while I fannied about gathering guests and making sure people didn’t entrench into egregious opinions after a few glasses of prosecco. There was even a delightful dress-up moment where everyone started trying on the frock coats.

Now it’s strangely quiet, as it often is after an event. All the hustle and bustle, all the people talking and music. All the things that needed attention like gravy and humans and tables and blinis, and suddenly a void again. Just like it always is but with Christmas lights, food everywhere, and Sarah watching the telly. She’s on the sofa tonight. I’m in my bed. That’s a rarity as usually someone has crashed in my bed by now.

A good Christmas. Not as drunk or as late as many, although I did just get instructed to put ANOTHER bottle of white wine in the freezer. I’m winding down though. I’ve vacuum pumped the open red wine. My legs are in the bath, and as soon as this sentence is finished the rest of me is going in. Christmas. Ahhhh.

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