It feels like progress. I need some help now as there are tons of bags queued up to go into the attic. I know what’s in them this time though which makes a change, and there’s lots earmarked for the charity shop and more in the bin. Still too much furniture and right now with it all sorted but not put away it feels like absolute carnage in here. But progress. The thing I always forget until I do it is that it can be quite fun and quite satisfying, sorting through things with the benefit of distance and making decisions. There are still plenty of things that I should probably chuck but I haven’t. There are still loads of objects that have no place to be. My eBay pile in the bedroom is far too high and none of it is listed. There’s so much costume, so many weird things, so many beautiful coats and useful random hats. I would need a day like this every day for a month to really make sense of this, but I just keep getting swept up in the dayjob parade instead, or emergency recovery. Still, a day. A much needed day, making some sense of the objects that encroach on my daily living space.

Books are a problem. I hate throwing away books, but I would have to have shelves all round my flat to fit them all. They’re heavy to take up to the attic and the dust up there isn’t good for them. I need to work out what to do with the books.

Then all the photos. Negatives and snaps taken by people no longer with us of people no longer with us. Moments in time that were once full and have now faded. Everything so fleeting and these little pictures to remember them by in places I never went to. But so many of them. Boxes of them. Slides and no projector. Our photo stuff just stays on our phone and occasionally goes on the socials but usually just sits in megabytes and will sit there forever but it won’t be pulling on us. These photos – burning them would feel ruthless. Sorting them would take weeks. Putting them in a box and leaving them forever seems to be the logical action… Maybe one day etc.

Letters? Yeah they just go back in the box. Knick-knacks? I’ve binned a fair amount and I won’t miss them. Clothes have gone to the charity pile in large quantities. I can give Christmas people stupid presents.

Still so much to remove though. So much. How did I accumulate so much? Incrementally, up in the lift, box after box and even though I’ve got rid of so much there’s still so much more to get rid of.

I’m knackered now for the day. A glass of wine, a bath, an early bed. More tomorrow and then I’ll see the shape of it. Maybe I’ll put some Christmas decorations up this time tomorrow…

Author: albarclay

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