And I woke up this morning to a little damp spray on my face. “Must’ve been a dream,” I thought as I take a drink of water from the cup on my bedside table. Tastes odd, I think. I roll over. *Ploink* The sound of water landing in a glass…

And I’m awake and the light is on and yep, it’s not even raining heavily but it’s coming into my bedroom again. This hasn’t happened for a year or more but they’ve just had very expensive scaffolding up the block and I was assured again and again that they’d solve it and they haven’t. It’s always come in a little bit, in heavy rain. Usually just to my bathroom though but whatever they’ve done has moved it. I’m not happy. Tristan Jethro and I made that room into a safe haven. A little oasis of not much stuff in the flat of stuff. Clean paint, new plaster replacing the old flooded wall. Now it’s all staining and buckling again and I’m not happy about it.

Interesting timing though. The cracks in the room of bed occurring just as I’m making good progress sorting out the rest of the place. Tristan came over for a rushed hour this morning and I had prepared for him. Together we slung a great deal of the things that could be slung up into the attic. The difference now is I know what’s there. There are sections for things like the Christmas Carol costume spares and even my Halloween Walk kit. I have enough to deal with here and I can take the rest down when Mel and I make that show about giving the audience STUFF. Much is sorted.

It feels lighter in here already and there’s more room. Books are the problem now. Just too many and they’re heavy. But the flat feels a lot more like a place to live in than it did. A few more committed days like the two I’ve just had and it’ll start to really show.

But damn, that drip. I sent loads of strongly worded emails and got the auto reply saying there’s nobody there until the third of January. Impeccable timing as always…

Christmas first. Just hopefully it won’t rain loads…

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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