London and disrupted sleep

Early start today for more workshops. I’m back in London so back on the earning train and I need to be able to power my home and eat tasty things and drive to Brighton. Vikram came over and fixed the boiler. Mel was there to let him in. He fixed it. Much better than last time it went wrong. Last time it was four months, this time it was four days. And now I’ve got water and radiators that actually get hot again. The little meter that tells me how much I’ve given to the oil folks is scaring me every time I go into the kitchen.

The day went by in a strange repetitive cycle. The same thing five times. Repetition but to very different humans every time. A fun bunch but there’s no way in hell I could do that sort of thing every day. Once or twice every few weeks is fine thanks. Let’s have some filming. Uruguay drove a wedge in my self-tape momentum. I brought all my kit with me and a sharp suit and I didn’t have to use any of it once dammit. They emailed to ask if I could do last minute cover tomorrow in Warwickshire but I told them no. Someone has lost their voice. That’s a shame and I was tempted to just do it anyway as there’s a bit of me that struggles to say no to anything, but it would have taken me too far from London for my evening plans with Lou.

I’m back in my incredible bed. My Fitbit logs my sleep these days and it calls me a parrot. Looking back over my sleep cycles and my activity certainly justifies the investment in this thing, even if it mostly tells me what I already know. I don’t get enough restorative sleep though apparently, and it can’t make sense of the variable sleeping hours from flying halfway round the world.. I’ve only had one day’s sleep this month where it’s awarded me a star for good sleep and that was Sunday, so now the heater’s fixed and I’m not working tomorrow morning, it’s time to try for another one in cosy bedland.

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