Bed room

Hello humans.

I live in a bed now.

Beneath me there are wires. When I switch them on they heat up. The mild discomfort of the wires under my bum does nothing to affect the joy of the heat rising up.

Ancient tales speak of a land beyond the bed. We call it “The Wider World Theory”. It is a lie. There is no world out there. We have all we need in this bed. There is a loo next door as well, yes. That exists in the place with the bath. I have visited this bathplace and returned unscathed and warm and clean. Other rooms though? Merely legend. The door to the “outside corridor” exists, of course, because I entered it in a dream and the Deliveroo man manifested bringing curry to it. But the place beyond? I am not such a fool as to believe the mainstream media. The outside place is a lie designed to fool us into thinking we have options. That “travel” thing was just a strange dream. Nothing started until I closed that door behind me. The door closed and WORLD. A spot of corridor. A bed. A loo. The kitchen? Mere hearsay. The living room? Absurd. A room for living? I live perfectly well in his bed. This talk of rooms for living – it is the fantasy around which the Wideworlders build their myth. We need no room for living if we have the room of bed. What I have experienced personally is the sum total of everything that there is. Nothing else exists.

In the room of bed I have everything that I could ever want. I have an iPad for computer games, on which I can play the fabulous Inkle text game “80 Days,” the excellent geeky starship game “FTL” and the bizarre and challenging roguelike “Sunless Sea”. Three game recommendations there for people who, like me, enjoy a bit of relatability and reading in their games, as well as an economy that only requires you to pay once. 80 Days in particular is a charming and strange piece of writing, with so many hidden secrets, all about travel – it’s the most perfect long haul travel game ever created. The flight to Sao Paolo from Montevideo flew by by on one playthrough where I was just experimenting with making as much money as possible. It’s a game about the playing, not the winning. It’s brilliant.

FTL is just good repeatedle noise. It’s hard. You think you’ve got it all sorted and then everything is lost in moments.

Sunless Sea is more chaotic. I enjoy it although I paid for the Kickstarter and never got registered for my benefits. There’s a world that exists that makes what sense you might want it to make.

And so my life passes by. In a dream once, I travelled from Montevideo to Sao Paolo and slept on a plane fitfully. I got a tube from Heathrow airport, and then walked home from South Kensington, stopping at Waitrose to buy food so I didn’t order a Deliveroo. I slept for two hours. I then ordered a Deliveroo regardless and sat on my bed eating curry. My bed. The bed. It exists. Blessed be the name of the bed. The bed is true. Research “Bed”.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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