Hot tired fun tired hot

Sometimes I forget to make sense. It’s easy in this work. I am writing these blogs at the end of days that I’ve been working hard through in heat. Often by the time I get into bed, most basic functions have already gone into shutdown.

The dust is not so red here. Yellow Mediterranean sand, and we have flattened and built a tent city in the scrubland. Tomorrow the teams will mostly arrive and it will all start to buzz. Already today the military range where we are working is starting to fill up with people. The mornings are getting earlier and the evenings finish later.

I just got in after my last drop-off. I’m lying in the air conditioning in my little white room. I tried to join a conversation circle clutching a beer but was so tired that it seemed too much. I sat in silence and consumed my single non-filtrata before making my excuses. The beer was to help me sleep. Having just driven through the darkening hills, I was tired.

I’m looking forward to plugging in now and watching as the event we have all been building to begins to start in earnest. Sea grass and wildfires are the two local environmental issues that we are trying to highlight. We are calling attention to the loss of the poseidona habitat through warming seas – and much as it is a delight, the water really is warm to swim in. And wildfires have been a problem round here for a long time. We haven’t much grass or foliage near the site, but I’ve seen trucks by the side of the roads a few times attending to something that’s just starting. They are quick to respond here it seems, and prepared, but it is very dry so they need to be.

My eyes are tired from the sun and my right wrist is inexplicably hurting – I reckon I might have pulled something while carrying a heavy item. I’m hoping a sleep will put me back together. A reasonably early one, with just one beer and plenty of water. Not really a crazy Saturday night in Sardinia… But we’ve all got shit to do…

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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