Hot day

A hot long day and then this:

I’m sure that Todd had no intention of double parking his 4×4. But that’s what it looked like by the time I got home. I could go nowhere but directly in front of the entrance to the hotel. So I parked egregiously, and went to find him. It was the perfect storm for him. I had been using the vehicle all morning, driving to Carbonia to load it up with just enough air conditioning units. I recognised it, having sat in it for ages. I knew it was him. He probably didn’t park like a tit. People around him moved.

Regarding buying air con units, having run races in remote and hot places for quite some time without them the company had to be very careful about the kind of unit purchased when they finally made that call. There’s no point pioneering a new form of racing without taking some personal sacrifices in terms of comfort. But… one thing at a time. There are some tents that would literally become ovens. Others less so. It’ll all have to be offset, and it will, so it’s worth being strict and careful. Nobody is working this event on core team because they want an easy life. The whole thrust is to make the world a better place and have fun at the same time, and that’s why I’m in in in.

Everybody is boiling. But the boat is not huge. We have to remember that all the assets need to fit on the boat…

The St. Helena. It will be crossing the Atlantic and then going through the Panama Canal, heading north to South America. I saw it for the first time this evening, in the bay, beautifully branded.

I’m off to bed. Gonna sleep with the air con on and a blanket. Despite my love of heat, after shoveling all those sandbags, I’m pretty much through.

I got to move my car. This might not be very coherent. Basically I spent the morning driving and the afternoon shoveling and I’m tired. Night night.

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