Photos of props

Up first thing and unloading a bed into my friend’s corridor. I need to get that fucking thing dropped off. Can’t see a thing out the back with it in there. Wasn’t going to take it to Nottingham.

Rocket Scenery up in Nottingham are huge. They build out tons of sets for shows across the country, and there’s a corner of a huge warehouse that is allocated for Amelie. Amelie was a glorious folksy musical retelling of the well known French film. I was enchanted. Audiences were as well. Good theatre.

For various reasons, they needed to have the props all photographed. They’ve been stored with the set in huge containers on wheels, and in flight cases. We had a day to get up there, photograph the lot, find the costume Bible, and get back down. We brought the dog.

It was a long day. We had a mildly incomprehensible list and everything on it was variously buried. Thankfully the doggie was very well behaved. We got through most of it. As we finished I was sent another list with items that were impossible to find or to get out in the time remaining to us. “You are writing the measurements down as well as just putting the tape measure into the shots,” I was asked by the person who booked me. I was asked that once everything had been finished without a single measurement being written down. A moment of worry. I ring the designer. “We haven’t written the measurements down as I just assumed you need a sense of scale?” “Yes that’s quite right.” *Phew* worst case I could’ve approximated by looking at the photos.

They should have a sense of scale now of all of the joyful things you need to make that show. I almost missed the back of a gutted piano that opens up into a sex shop full of dildos. It was a tricky photo in the space – hard to get any of the large scale things well snapped. I have a feeling there will be production shots that cover what I couldn’t get though. Many of my photos were cramped and rushed, frankly. Hopefully they are fit for purpose and if not I’ll swing by next time I’m driving that way…

It’s a huge undertaking putting on a show. All the costumes. All the props. I’m thinking of the van loads that we had to throw out at last minute from Rotterdam earlier this year. The contents of all those boxes… They could bring that show back. I hope they do. What’s the alternative? It sits there for five years and then somebody hoiks it all into landfill? I hope not. There are loads of shows up there though in that warehouse. I really hope they all come back around. We need more joy. And more employment. I haven’t done a tour for ages.

Back down to London and I was drifting off by the time we were two hours away. Droopy headed and muzzy. I had to stop and get coffee and a Krispy Kreme. That fuelled me home, but only just. Now I’m in bed and I’m totally done. I’ll send the photos tomorrow morning. And we found the costume Bible!! šŸ™‚

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