I’m sitting in a room with about sixty children who are trying to build a battery, and it suddenly dawned on me like a thunderbolt that I didn’t write anything before I went to sleep last night.

Late night up the A1 but I’ve learnt now. I left London at 8. It’s the latest sensible time to leave London really. As I shot up I passed so many of those little vans full of traffic cones, waiting to close down all the roads and send everybody who is leaving after 9pm on endless diversions through tiny A roads while your satnav panics and you honestly have no idea how long you’ll have to be driving for. I made it to Peterborough in short order, and knowing the alarm was going off before 7, I celebrated with an early bed and NO BLOG.

Filthy filthy filthy boy. How could I almost leave a hole in my unbroken record? I think it’s coming up to five years of this madness. I might have to look back over it at some point and see what I’ve created here… Usually when I miss one I get a message, but today that didn’t happen which either means you’ve all fucked off or you just think I need a break.

I’ll probably have to finish this in my lunch break. Back to work…

So yeah. Back on the treadmill. It pays well though and the more I do it the easier it gets.

One of the lads this afternoon built the best paper airplane I’ve ever seen instead of paying attention to a workshop about maybe getting employment as an engineer. It leaves me to wonder. We all do this sort of thing with opportunity. He’s probably the best candidate in the room for the sort of work we are talking about. But if he’s not careful he’ll be flipping those big macs. I’m sure I’ve done similar things all the time. Too involved with my own crap to look up and see what’s there.


Like with this daily writing. I still pay to host the blog but I don’t monetise it in any way and I even switched off ads so it’s cost me fiscally even if it has helped me hugely in less quantifiable ways. Maybe my time would be better focused looking for a targeted lifestyle column type thing…

Anyway, this is a blog. As so frequently happens it’s not about very much. But there are many days in a year. One day I’ll go look at the statistics and see if anybody actually reads this. I’m amazed at myself for having studiously avoided them for so long so far. Thank you if you are here still. This is my mental health accountabilibuddy, and you’re all along for the ride.

Now I’m gonna eat this sandwich and galvanise for one more weird room full of half distracted youth…

My breakfast this morning: a banana. I never get up in time to take full advantage of the Premier Inn offering.

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This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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