Cats and dogs and games

What a lovely bank holiday weekend. Mostly it’s been about relaxing. I hope it has been for you as well.

I got my wires crossed and thought I had to sleep in Peterborough tonight ahead of a workshop on the morrow. Not so. That’s tomorrow night. So I won a whole day of nothing. I fed the fish.

Fish aren’t quite in the same league as the various animals I’ve been looking after recently. Dogs can be full on, but Cookie is easy going and well trained. She has a limited gestural palate – she jumps up or she cocks her head. Both gestures have multiple meanings. She used to enjoy being close to the human. We went for long walks and had many an incomprehensible conversation. She loves a run.

The two incredible cats I’ve been spending time with are as different as cats can ever be. The male is dumb as a post and desires attention and love without complication. The female is a tragic heroine. She has a heart condition. She must be kept in careful peace, but she likes taking a swipe at things. She had us wrapped around her finger. We only watched David Attenborough because we (correctly) thought she’d like it. She bounced up to the screen when the tiger appeared, and spent most of the programme trying to swat birds.

I would love a high maintenance pet full time. Dad always avoided them for the same reason I do – they tie you down. They make a home, but they force you to stay in that home to look after them. For every time I’m tempted to get a dog or cat, I’m grateful that I haven’t got one. This summer is looking crowded now. I’m so glad there’s not the stress / expense of a catsitting arrangement, as I’ll be off on my excursions again thank the lord.

This evening I just zoned out in my own home, and in the early evening I went pirating with Brian and we finally managed to get a huge haul of treasure back to port, despite both of us weighing anchor deliberately in order to get some photos with the loot, leading to two opposing ships spotting us and very nearly chasing us down. By some miracle we kept it all and flogged it. Hurrah. Progress. I can go to bed glad I’ve had a lovely weekend and finally got some loot home in Sea of Thieves. Back to normal life now. The good thing about that game is that it’s pointless playing it without friends, so it will always be a social thing and not a time sink.

I want a pet though. I kept on thinking I saw a creature as I was walking through my flat. But no. 😦

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