Early end to long week


My own bed. I am in it.

I know some of you have attempted to communicate with me over the last few days. Thank you for trying. Sorry if I haven’t been in the slightest bit available for any of you. Tomorrow, in theory, I’ll be able to think about things other than crowd management and not driving into a tree.

I dropped off some lights about eight minutes from my Airbnb this morning. Then I crashed back into town. The people who book me for workshops are mostly literally fucking clueless about what I actually do in the room. Based on the email chain I had been forced to follow I was going to have to bring my laptop into the school and they were going to provide me with an HDMI cable. No parking at the school and it was in the congestion charge zone so I got an uber with my laptop. I never normally bring it. As I wrote earlier this week, my personal laptop is atrociously slow. I was sent a laptop by the company many years ago and it was old then. I brought that one even though it barely functions. It was, of course, unnecessary to bring it.

There was a smart screen in the room. Most of the inner city London schools have been given one of them to replace the whiteboard. They aren’t very good compared to a whiteboard but you don’t need to drop a screen anymore and I just had to stick my USB into it, and my PowerPoint clicker.

The PowerPoint presentation is not particularly good. The one today is better than the one I’ve been working with for the rest of this week. But it’s pretty uninspiring. If I can change the slide without going back to the computer it means I can keep the audience attention on me instead of the weak content, and then all I have to do is be interesting. Oh darling, I’m perfectly capable of that.

The clicker is the single most useful bit of kit I ever got for myself in the context of this dayjob. Twelve quid on the internet for a little magic wand that means I can walk around all over the place and magically shift through the presentation. Plus it has a little laser pointer for showing things to students or freaking out cats.

PowerPoint is not the most inspiring way of teaching, and the pps I’m working with are not the most revelatory. But I think I’m making the best use of the tools I’ve been given. You must know by now how I don’t like doing things halfheartedly, oh constant reader. I don’t. I won’t. Still… I’d like to get into the mix for some theatre now. Or a solid slice of filming. Ugh. Tap tap tap tap tap

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