Clock room

I’m beginning to lose track of where I am. Plus I’m totally spanked. Got a workshop tomorrow in inner city London again, but right now I’m sleeping in Hertfordshire because I’ve got to drop off a load of lights first thing in the morning here and I just figured it would be less hassle to book an Airbnb for the night right next to the drop off location. I’m getting tired now. Today was a long one and tomorrow looks like it’ll be a hard one. I spoke to Lou after I’d finished today and she heard it in my voice. They ran me ragged. Three two hour long workshops today for a quiet group in Norfolk, so I have essentially been simultaneously talking and radiating energy for six hours, which is pretty much what your friends who ended up as teachers have been doing every day for years so I can’t complain. Nonetheless I feel wrung out. I’m writing to you from bed. A play is only a couple of hours. You rarely have to do three in a row.

After this work I tend to be wired for a while in the evening as if I’ve been on stage. Similar skills, fewer rewards. I’ve been winding down by playing games on my phone in this room full of clocks as the light falls outside. It’s cold in here.

Tomorrow night I’ll get to sleep in my own bed. Tonight it’s an Airbnb in a converted garage attached to a new build somewhere near Hertford East station. Having just settled down to write this I’ve realised I left my phone charger in Norfolk. There’s one in the car, but the engine has to be running, so I’m gonna have to go easy on the wind down games if I’m gonna have something to wake me up in the morning and tell me the time. I’ve disabled all the clocks here but the big one because I hate the noise clocks make when I’m sleeping. Intrusive, insidious, predictable and it reminds me of the inevitable passage of time. I lie in bed feeling the seconds shaving away from life. But … that clock is huge. I daren’t take it off the wall to stop it.

I suppose if my phone runs out it’ll be my way of telling the time. Perhaps I should plug the bloody alarm clock back in as well and sleep in a room full of noisy time tonight so I don’t miss my wake-up. I’ve had a few early mornings in a row now so I’m starting to notice the mild sleep deficit. I’m still going to bed late. It’s unusual for me to wake naturally when I’m on a work tip like I am right now…

At least it’s quiet here compared to my London flat.

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