Day 1 – Jersey

I timed my arrival well it seems. The next boat over will be filled with journalists trying to get photos of this blockade, or of the battleships that have been sent here. By the sound of it it’s all kicking off about fishing rights. No surprises. This place is much closer to France than it is to England. It’s bound to be complicated in terms of fishing rights. We’d need a competent Prime Minister to properly make sense of things, so not in my lifetime by the look of it. Right now it’s this oaf and his dead eyed joyless wonderless cronies.

These are just navy boats. I took this photo yesterday leaving Portsmouth. I have no idea if they are the ones coming here now.

I’m in a room. I’m slowly turning it into a den.

This morning I received a text message from the Jersey government. “How are you?” It was mandatory that I replied. It’s an open question. As a teenager I might have been tempted to respond “Not so bad thanks! Could have done with a spot of hot food,” or somesuch. Me? I just told them “WELL” because by the tenets of the message there are only two possible replies. The other one is “COVID” which would likely lead to the whole hotel getting covered in one of those things they use to fumigate houses in America. And I am feeling pretty well right now…

I wish that there wasn’t a portable generator for a building site noisily running through all the daylight hours directly outside my window. I wish there was some sort of a view rather than just an alley and the building site. It’s so strange being in the town where I was born but with no property and very few friends. I now live in a room full of snacks with the inside of my head for company. Things have been magnifying a little bit already in here. It was good to speak with Lou this evening as I was getting pretty fraught. She was giving me the blow by blow of the cat’s ridiculously cute behaviour and it helped me get perspective. She’s extremely busy while I’m in here slowly eating my own face.

They left me a little breakfast in a bag outside my room today, with a sandwich for lunch as well. I ate that, snacks, and an instant noodle. I’ll have to be a bit smarter with how I live my life in this room or I’ll be dead of too much sugar by the time I’m allowed out. Tomorrow maybe I’ll order some food in. But money! Aargh. I’m here as a last ditch, blowing my SEISS in the hopes I can unlock some funds for my brother and I before the mountain of debt falls on my head.

Four more days only. Then I’m allowed out to start sorting things out, hopefully…

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