Moving furniture

Finally, some furniture is out. My experiment with Rosebery’s Auction House continues apace. They’re fussy, but so long as we aren’t paying to store it anymore I’m fine. I just don’t want anything back so I hope they price it right. Furniture is my blind spot. And glass. I’m getting a bit better at both. But still got a long way to go. I got a zipvan and we drove it across town. Could’ve picked a better time of day for it. I had to add an hour. Still, I’m sure we will get more than £30.

It’s fun, knowing what things are. I quite like it. I think the key is to shut up about the things you recognise unless asked. My hackles would always go right up when somebody started telling me about my own things. “You know that painting of your mum is by … / SHUT UP”.

But solicited I guess it’s ok. And now I’ve helped myself I can help others. A friend of mine might want me to come and look at some things for her in her mum’s old place. She got burgled but they only took a ring and a computer – much like the bastards who broke into my car.

I guess things are desperate these days. A ring they can try to hock for £80 is going to pay for Christmas. So long as they don’t end up in prison first. I wonder if they have Christmas meals in prison. It’s not worth the negative energy to find out.

Not only is the risk of getting rumbled hanging heavy over whoever did it, but also the wordless curses of the ghosts who had the ring before, plus the bad juju emanating from my friend, her brother and even me at their foray into occupied space.

I’ve booked a job next week driving some things across town in a Luton van for somebody else. They are expensive things to hire, so I’m thinking about how I can capitalise on it when I’ve got the thing. Out of hours I might try to go up to Yorkshire with it full of the rest of the stuff and just see what good old Tennants can do with it. I was wrong about them jobbing all the plates. They jobbed the crap plates. I’ve also got a lead to a place in Bury St Edmunds which is closer to town but less familiar. Once again I’m spinning all the plates, and trying to work out how I can optimise my time without all that pesky sleep getting in the way. Before long I’ll be craving the simplicity of lockdown again.

It might be better to just extend the rental by a day I guess. Spending money instead of stretching myself so thin I’m microscopic. It’s unfamiliar…

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