Nothing to report

And so to bed. A relief to do nothing all day. I didn’t leave the house. I had duck. I watched South Park. I let myself recover. Last week came as something of a shock to the system but now I’m in the swing of it and I reckon another week will come more naturally to me.

This is the beginning of a new decade and now we are into the Chinese year of the metal rat. January is a time for regrouping and gathering our strength before the light starts to become more apparent in February and things start to come to life again. I’m tearing down something old in the cold, and paving the way for new life and new creativity. I feel very positive right now, and a day of rest has helped me be thankful for the fact I have been and will be so busy. I almost have too much on, but that’s ok. I can partition my time.

Kitcat has returned from her wanderings, so after a month or so of no flatmate there’s the sound of something streaming on a laptop next door. We had dinner together, although it was pretty rudimentary. Nice to break bread though, and she tells me there is a friend who might need some housecats to be looked after for a while. This immediately interests me. I haven’t seen Pickle since I got back from America. I still have a certain amount of separation anxiety. Some other cats might be fun for a while, with the benefit that they then go back to their owner and I don’t have to stress about what will become of them if I book another long tour in a foreign land. Plus there’s definitely a minor incursion of mice in the flat which I’ve been delaying murder on simply because I don’t like it.

I don’t want to call it too early, but something has changed in the shoulder department. It’s still painful and I can’t sleep on my right yet. But it’s not the sharp constant shouting of pain that pushed me to codeine. I’ve been painkiller free all day – although not out of the woods yet. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Maybe activity was the right way to go with it, although when I’ve got more to do I notice it more.

I’ve got a group physio appointment on Wednesday which will clarify things I hope. Although it’ll likely be doctors stating the obvious to people who don’t use their bodies very much. I’ll give it a go though and apparently we get a bit of one on one time.

Not much else to report. Couple of glasses of red wine. Packed a little bag with an eye to maybe moving to Mel’s in Hampstead for a little while for a change of scene. Now I’m off to bed early. With a hot water bottle. Life is alright.


Author: albarclay

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